Beloved grinder Sergio Ferry was the only Bogles player I noticed at the top tables while I was covering MagicFest Calgary. He finished Day One at 6-2 and Day Two at 11-4, granting him a bittersweet 33rd finish. I chat with him about the deck as he aims to play the same archetype at MagicFest Sao Paulo. I wanted to see if the deck had evolved much in the last couple of months.

I’ll be blunt Sergio. Why Bogles?

Bogles is… life, man. What can I say? I believe it’s well-positioned at the moment. One of the reasons the deck has been performing well right now is because of the recent bannings. Izzet Phoenix is now the tier 1 deck around and Bogles preys on people who are playing linear decks that play creatures and just try to attack your life total down to 0. I have the upper hand against a bunch of creature decks.

So are you saying Izzet Phoenix is a good matchup or is it a challenge because of Thing in the Ice?

There’s two versions of Phoenix decks. One is the mono red version. That one is almost a bye. You have lifelink auras. The version with Thing in the Ice, the matchup is about 50/50. The situation is that I have 5 answers to Thing in the Ice and they have 4 Thing in the Ice. If they have a Thing in the Ice and I don’t have an answer, they usually win. If I have an answer or they don’t have Thing in the Ice, I usually win. That’s really how it plays out most of the time.

Besides Phoenix, what were you expecting to face in terms of matchups?

I was expecting a bunch of Burn decks which I faced. It was the deck I played against the most over the weekend. The matchup is really good. Burn players don’t like to play against us at all. I was X-O against Burn over the weekend. Other than Burn, I was expecting Tron. Tron is favoured G1, but I have some sideboard cards that make it closer for G2/G3.

What are some of the other bad matchups?

Ad Nauseam, Whir Prison and all other Ensnaring Bridge decks.

Are there unique cards in your specific list?

One of them is the inclusion of Mana Tithe. It’s literally white Force Spike. They don’t expect it and sometimes, they tilt when I cast it. It’s just a one-of because having multiple copies would be bad. I won a couple of games because of this card.

I have a suite of auras and one copy of Open the Armory which works like a toolbox, allowing me to fetch for a specific aura I need at a given time. Sometimes, you want another Daybreak Coronet, but other times, you need either a Rancor or a Gryff’s Boon for evasion to finish the game.

Main deck, I’m playing the full set of Path to Exile, mainly because of Phoenix. I’m running 1 copy of Dromoka’s Command which is a very versatile card. It enables you to fight creatures and it prevents damage from instants/sorceries. It gives you a G1 answer to decks that pack Worship or Phyrexian Life.

Anything you want to mention about your sideboard?

I have a lot of hate in it. One of the most awesome things about Bogles is that you have access to the biggest hosers in the format: Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, Leyline of Sanctity. One of the interesting things I learned over the weekend was that some Burn players don’t even play Wear // Tear anymore. If you play Leyline, you just win.

Anything else you want to mention? Are you running back the same 75 at MagicFest Sao Paulo?

One of the things I forgot to mention is that Bogles is really strong against Dredge. You can actually beat them G1 and after sideboard when you get your Rest in Peaces, it’s not even fun. They have dredge incredibly well to win, especially when my list has access to a full set of Path to Exile.

I’m pretty sold on 74/75. I have a spicy inclusion for Brazil. A one-of in the sideboard in Consulate Crackdown. So the plan is that against Whir Prison, when they think they have the game wrapped up, you just cast this and attack for lethal.

I also wanted to give Andrew a shoutout, one of my opponents on Day Two. A very skilled Burn player who is part of a local team in Alberta.

Thanks for the chat and good luck at Sao Paulo, Sergio!

Thanks for having me KYT!