Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week players battled in for M19 Pre-Release weekend and got to build Sealed pools with the new set for the first time ever.

There were certainly a lot of groans from the Magic Twitter world with the release of this new core set as Dominaria was one of the most beloved Draft formats of all-time, and players aren’t always wild about core sets. With that said, I’ve actually found this format to be both interesting and challenging in a way that core sets traditionally aren’t.

It’s not just all about attacking and blocking, and Sam Tyler was able to capatalize that on Sunday and take down our Pre-Release Showdown.

Your M19 Pre-Release Showdown champ, Sam Tyler.

Tyler has been a staple of our Showdown series for a while now and was able to take down a Pro Tour champion in Gabe Tsang who came second. Sam said that Skilled Animator carried him in his Top 8 Draft, while his swiss pool featured a bunch of card draw and TWO copies of Nicol Bolas.

Former Pro Tour champ Gabe Tsang.

Vaevictus Asmadi, the Dire and Tezzeret, Artifice Master were features of Tsang’s trip to the finals, and well, he’s probably one of the better Limited players in the country so I’m not surprised to see him here. 

The rest of our Top 4 was rounded out by Shawn Dhaliwal and Nirupan Sirakumaran in third and fourth. Both if these players also had remarks about the pace of the format. Nirupan was able to have some success with Mind Rot and Dhaliwal was casing Pelukka Wurm so beat down doesn’t exactly seem to be much of a priority 

Shawn Dhaliwal

With his win on Sunday, Sam Tyler cements his spot in the upcoming Ultimate Showdown and the rest of our Top 4 have begun their march up the leaderboard to qualify. This upcoming weekend’s Showdown will yet again be M19 Limited to celebrate release weekend. Make sure to sign up and come on out.