Showdown Recap: Beldon, Fournier and Capstick win trios


Well, at this point what is there left to say? Omar Beldon won yet another Showdown!

This time — luckily for me — it was a Team Trios event where we played Modern, Legacy and Pioneer, and he chose to carry Daniel Fournier and I to the finish line.

Your Team Trios champs.

In all seriousness Fournier never lost a match all day, so he was doing the majority of the carrying, but it’s way funnier the other way so I’m sticking to that.

We played what we thought we the best decks in each format. Inverter had a coming out party all weekend long at both PT Nagoya and Brussels in Pioneer, Amulet has been dominant in Modern since the last banned and restricted announcement and Omar thinks Underworld Breach is absolutely broken in half. He remarked all day long how amusing he thought it was that WotC had allowed him to play Yawgmoth’s Will.

We defeated the team of Tsiligiannis, Loong and Wiradharma who played Inverter, Miracles and Jund in the finals.

Your Team Trios Showdown Top 8.

Rounding out the Top 4 were the teams of Bao, Luk and Xiao who played Infect, Ramp and Sneak & Show as well as the team of Posaratnanathan, Ryl and Xu who played Infect, Five-Colour Niv-Mizzet and Dimir Reanimator.

For me this event was really interesting because for the first time in a long time I could honestly say that every format looked extremely fun and healthy. Breach may be just a little too good in Legacy, but Modern has a lot of challenging games in it right now and Pioneer is absolutely wide open. These team events are a great way to get an idea of where Magic’s is at as a whole, and I had a blast playing all day.

With our win on Sunday Omar, Dan and myself qualified for the upcoming Ultimate Showdown of ULTIMATE destiny and the rest of our Top 8 have begun their march up the leaderboard.

This season, we’re going to closely following the Ultimate Showdown leaderboard each week and I’ll be giving you updates on the race as the results unfold every week in these recaps. This week the big news was Fournier, one of our past Ultimate Showdowin champs — locked up his qualification and Omar pulled even further ahead in the Showdown leaderboard race. Seriously, this guy has 330 points and Andrew Gordon is sitting tight in second place with 160. Omar is truly off to an unprecedented start.

This upcoming weekend Face to Face Games Toronto we’ll be hosting two big Pioneer events. First on Saturday we’ll have our first local F2F Tour stop of 2020 in Hamilton, Ontario where we’ll be battling in Magic’s newest format. And then on Sunday, we’re back at the shop for a Pioneer Showdown. Make sure to pre-register for Hamilton here and the Showdown here and we’ll see you on the weekend!

First Place: Fournier, Capstick and Beldon

Second Place: Tsiligiannis, Loong and Wiradharma

Third Place: Bao, Luk and Xiao

Fourth Place: Posaratnanathan, Ryl and Xu