Showdown Recap: Fournier dominates Pioneer with Simic Food


Just in time for the Ultimate Showdown in just two weeks time, Daniel Fournier has cemented his spot atop our leaderboard by winning our first ever Pioneer Showdown with his self-title “Simic Trade Binder” deck!

Fournier, as I’m sure he’s already told you, has torn up our Showdown Series this season and is in prime position to make a deep run at our Ultimate Showdown following his victory last season.

In many ways the deck he played this past Sunday looks shockingly similar to the Simic Food deck that was dominant at the last tabletop Mythic Championship with just a few small upgrades. I guess it turns out that food really was THAT good.

Fournier was able to defeat another Simic deck in the finals. Ethan Carter played his way to a second place finish with Simic Nexus — yet another Standard port.

Joining them in the Top 8 was Omar Beldon who is still championing Mono-Black Aggro even after the banning of Smuggler’s Copter, Matt Cherkas back from the dead with a WILD Jeskai Fires deck, Shawn Dhaliwal also on Mono-Black, Daniel Armchuk on a sweet Orzhov Knights deck, Omar Aquino keeping it lean with his 17 land Mono-Red deck and Grady Hollis with a spicy Sultai Soulflayer deck.

Your Pioneer Showdown Top 8.

In it’s early stages Pioneer looks like a pretty awesome format to me. I’ve had a chance to play a few matches online here and there and the format has been extremely popular at the shop since it’s announcement. Now that some of the format’s greatest early offenders are banned, I have high hopes it can only improve.

Early on, what I like most about the format is present all the way through our Top 8 from Sunday. It’s an eternal format where combat really seems to be king. You get to play your creatures and attack with them, you don’t get punished too hard for tapping out on your mainphase and this can lead to some extremely interactive games.

Now that Field of the Dead is banned, I wonder if the next time I write one of these Pioneer recaps there will be a Thoughtseize midrange deck among the top decks in the format? Now that would get me excited.

Now, before I leave you for the week, I have to give you an update on the Open Series if you haven’t heard yet. As we announced last week, in 2020 we’re bringing you the F2F Tour — your path from LGS to Players Tour. This change will be bringing you everything you loved about the Open Series, plus the addition of our F2F Tour Weekends, which will give you a shot to qualify for the Player’s Tour in your hometown. For all the details — check out our announcement.

Oh and incase you hadn’t heard yet, we’re bringing you a TON of formats next year:

With his win on Boston cements his spot in the upcoming Ultimate Showdown, while the rest of our Top 8 have begun their march up the leader board to qualify. If you’re interested in your Ultimate Showdown point total, you can check it out here. If you’d like to inquire about your point total or report a discrepancy, please email

This upcoming weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we’re hosting a Modern Showdown which will be your last chance at picking up some Showdown points before our Ultimate Showdown the next weekend. Make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you at the shop!