Showdown Recap: Legacy


Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, players battled in Legacy to take down the top prize and finalize the Showdown standings headed into next weekend’s Ultimate Showdown.

There is one car-full of people that just seems to dominate every Legacy event Face to Face Games Toronto puts on, and Sunday was no different. The powerful trio of Edgar Magalhaes, Ben Winokur and Matthew Dilks showed up to finish first, second and third with Winokur beating Dilks in the finals.

Legacy Showdown winner Ben Winokur.

As I’ve remarked multiple times over the past few months, Legacy is such a fair format. There were way less copies of Force of Will in this Top 8 than we’re used to seeing in Legacy and a whopping two copies of Dead Guy Ale. Edgar and Ben have been playing their 4C Leovold decks with Hymn to Tourach over Force of Will for a while now and I think that’s about as solid an example of how fair Toronto Legacy is in a nutshell.

Legacy Showdown Top 8.

Andrew Gordon continued his strong play in Showdowns lately with a Top 4 finish and he seems primed and ready to defend his title as Ultimate Showdown champion next weekend. Gordon and Dilks were the only players playing more traditionally linear decks in this Top 8 of fair cards.

It works out nicely for those looking ahead to next week because this Top 8 will likely look very similar to the Legacy pod in the Ultimate Showdown and there is sure to be some serious metagaming going on between these competitors. As far as the specific decklists, there really wasn’t that much unique stuff going on aside from how fair everything was although I will say it is baffling to me that people continue to have success with Stoneforge Mystic in a format (and this Top 8) filled with Kolaghan;s command.

With his win on Sunday Ben moves himself up Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown leaderboard in preparation for the Ultimate Showdown. As I said, next Sunday is the big dance, if you’re qualified you better get to practicing because we’ll be crowing a new Ultimate Showdown champion. Tune in later in the week where I’ll be spewing some nonsense predictions!

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First Place, Ben Winokur- 4C Leovold 

Second Place, Matthew Dilks- Lands 

Third Place, Edgar Magalhaes- 4C Leovold 

Fourth Place, Andrew Gordon- Elves 

Fifth Place, Wilkin Chau Fournier- Dead Guy Ale 

Sixth Place, Alex Craig- Jeskai Stoneblade 

Seventh Place, Daniel Goetschel- Grixis Delver 

Eighth Place, Alex Tkach- Dead Guy Ale