Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, players battled in good old Legacy for the top prize.

I get pretty excited when I get to talk about Legacy, and this recap is no different. It’s not often we get medium-sized Legacy events like this but when it does happen it’s super interesting to see what Toronto’s local Legacy scene brings to battle in one of the most technically demanding formats Magic has to offer. This past Sunday Jason Arsenault took down the event with likely the most lethal turn-1 combo deck in the format defeating Andrew Gordon (Face to Face Ultimate Showdown winner) in the finals on Sultai Food Chain.

The rest of the Top 8 featured, well, exactly what you’d expect from Legacy. A mixture of combo and spell-heavy fair decks and a lot of copies of Brainstorm and Ponder. One notable feature of this Top 8 has to be the number of linear, combo or aggressively slanted decks. The Top 8 featured zero copies of Delver of Secrets and the closest thing to control was Gordon’s Food Chain deck. Legacy isn’t really a format defined by a particular metagame but it often ebbs and flows. Combo’s good, then Delver props up to battle it and then control decks get popular to take down the Delver decks. Maybe by the time of our Sept. 16th Legacy side-event Showdown Delver will be the hotness once again.

With his win Jason qualifies himself for the next Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown and the rest of the Top 8 have started their march toward the top of the Showdown leader board. Join us this weekend to try to cement your spot on the leader board at our Modern Showdown to gear-up for our Sept. 16 FacetoFaceGames.com Modern Open+. That event will have 5k in prizes and an invite and travel stipend to the StarcityGames Invitational for both first and second place. For you Legacy lovers, that same event will feature a 1k Legacy Showdown side event. Get to testing !

First Place: Jason Arsenault, Belcher

Second Place: Andrew Gordon, Food Chain

Third Place: Michael Chan, Pox

Fourth Place: Jeffrey Fernandes, Infect

Fifth Place: Phillip Wong, Lantern Control

Sixth Place: Anthony Evangelista, U/W Terminus Control

Seventh Place: Josh Oji, Death & Taxes

Eighth Place: Kris Vander Ploeg, Storm