Showdown Recap: Modern


Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week players battled in Modern to see who could take home the top prize!

Let this weekend’s Showdown be a lesson to all of us — never forget about the power of Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher. This dynamic duo has been a force in Modern ever since their original printing, and on Sunday Tse Shuen Wan showed us that they are still a force to be reckoned with in the format.

Your Modern Showdown champion.

Tse of course played Eldrazi Tron, the deck that best cheats on mana to allow you to get these powerful Eldrazi into play as soon as possible. This deck has been powered up lately by two factors: Chalice of the Void bullying spell-based decks like Izzet Phoenix and Karn, the Great Creator offering it a difficult to interact with new angle of attack. Tse defeated Chris Flink in the finals, who was of course piloting his bread and butter Ad Nauseum deck.

Your Modern Showdown Top 8.

Joining Chris and Tse in the Top 8 was Liam Kane on Izzet Phoenix, Jeff Swaluk on Modern’s current scourge Hogaak, Tyrel Wildman on Amulet Titan, Chris Ha playing classic Jund, Elliot Stanwick with a sweet Rakdos brew featuring Unearth and Ellis Straker playing a super sweet Affinity and Goblins hybrid.

Seeing only one copy of Hogaak in the Top 8 is a pretty nice sight given the fallout of Mythic Championship Barcelona. The event was swarming with the powerful graveyard strategy and players all over the world have been crying for the ban of its namesake card Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis even after the recent banning of Bridge from Below.

Now more than maybe ever, Modern is forcing us to be low to the ground and pilot decks that end the game immediately, and we saw a lot of that in our Top 8 on Sunday. That said, Jund has been having a bit of resurgence lately, Team Face to Face Games’ Edgar Magalhaes piloted it to an 11-5 record in Barcelona, and Chris Ha played his list to a Top 8 finish here. So maybe we shouldn’t be panicking just yet.

So is Hogaak too good? We’ll have to wait for the next banned and restricted announcement to find out.

With his win on Sunday, Tse cements his spot in the upcoming Ultimate Showdown, while the rest of our Top 8 have begun their march up the leader board to qualify. If you’re interested in your Ultimate Showdown point total, you can check it out here. If you’d like to inquire about your point total or report a discrepancy, please email This upcoming weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto we’ll be hosting Legacy Showdown. Grab your Brainstorms and make sure to pre-register and we’ll see you at shop!