Showdown Recap: Standard


Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, players battled in Standard to get prepared for next weekend’s Canadian National Championship.

The Top 8 of this event looked strangely similar to another big event that happened over the weekend, of exactly equal importance—the World Magic Championship. Yep, Temur Energy, U/B Control and Hazoret Red made up almost the entirety of the Top 8 with Temur both taking down the event and dominating the elimination decklists.

As you might expect with Nats so close, this event was a star-studded affair. Platinum Pro Paul Dean made Top 8 with an extremely “ran-the-numbers” Temur Energy deck while Daniel Fournier also Top 8’d with his own Temur pile of four-ofs. Eric Li was able to take down the event with the U/B Control deck that gained popularity at the World Championship this weekend. Holding it down for the aggressive mages was Face to Face Games Toronto staple Patrick Gaudio who also did well with his usual pile of basic Mountains.

We’ve certainly landed in a healthy Standard format leading into Nats. You have a control, midrange and aggro option among top tier decks and finding the best way to strategize within that cycle is going to pay someone off big-time next weekend. Is it going to be Temur, Red or Control that takes it down next week? Is there another brew out there? Join us Saturday at the International Centre to find out.

With his win this weekend Eric qualifies himself for the next Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown and the rest of the Top 8 have started their march toward the top of the Showdown leaderboard. As mentioned, next weekend is Nats so there’ll be no in-store Showdown. But, if the main event doesn’t go well for you don’t forget your Brainstorms and come play our Legacy Sunday Showdown on-site!

First Place, Eric Li, U/B Control

Second Place, Gokulan Balakrishnan, Sultai Energy

Third Place, Elliott Tzaneteas, Hazoret Red

Fourth Place, Adrien Foucal, Temur Black

Fifth Place, Daniel Fournier, Temur Energy

Sixth Place, Paul Dean, Temur Energy

Seventh Place, Ben Mancuso, Temur Myriarch

Eighth Place, Patrick Gaudio, Hazoret Red