Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week players battled in Team Trios constructed to prepare for the upcoming Grand Prix Toronto!

The big weekend — Grand Prix Toronto — is just days away, and this past weekend players from all over the Greater Toronto Area flocked to Face to Face Games Toronto to compete to prepare. Only one came out unscathed.

Denys Robinson, Nick Roberts and Richard Welch came out on top of our 17 team event as the champions.

Nick Roberts, Denys Robinson and Richard Welch won our Team Trios Showdown on Sunday.

Nick was right at home attacking with creatures with B/G Constrictor in Standard. Denys Robinson came back from the dead to play Jund (incredibly slowly) and Richard Welsh played as many basic lands in his U/W Miracles Legacy decklist as he could fit. If there’s anything I can say about this team, it’s that they’re all incredibly nice and played their trademark style of deck in each seat.

Our Team Trios Top 8.

My eyes were on the Standard decklists from this event. The first weekend of Dominaria Standard showed us just how good both Terferi and Karn are in this format. The event on Sunday was more of the same. This event, in conjunction with Grand Prix Birmingham and Daniel Fournier’s PTQ win have taught us that vehicles are level one in this new landscape. Fournier won with B/W Vehicles and B/R Vehicles was the breakout deck over in Europe. With that said, both Nick Roberts and Pasha Meshkati strayed from that formula to some success on Sunday. So, it’s still a wide open field in Standard.

As for Legacy, I’d like to point specifically to Jeremy Rubinoff’s B/G Depths deck as a talking point. He’s been working on this deck a lot and I expect it to be the next breakout performer in Legacy. It’s simply one of the best combo decks out there and players are starting to iterate on the list which can only make it better.

Lastly, in Modern we obviously had four different decks in the Top 4. But, I can’t remember the last time I wrote about a Modern event without a Jeskai deck having a lot of success. If Humans is going to be the deck to beat, this deck will continue to shine.

The Showdown series is really heating up headed into the Ultimate Showdown. This coming weekend is Grand Prix Toronto, so there will be no Showdown but make sure to visit BOTH of our Face to Face Games booths at the venue. The following weekend we’ll have a Legacy Showdown so make sure to get your Brainstorms ready and pre-register!

With his win on Sunday Nick, Denys and Richard cemented their spots in the upcoming Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown. Congratulations guys!

First Place: Roberts, Robinson and Welch

Standard: Nick Roberts – B/G Constrictor

Modern: Denys Robinson – Jund

Legacy: Richard Welch – U/W Miracles

Second Place: Meshkati, Jota and Shoffner

Standard: Pasha Meshkati – U/B Midrange

Modern: Ricardo Jota – Tron

Legacy: Sam Schoffner – Elves

Third Place: Barge, Carolan and Barge

Standard: Spencer Barge – B/R Aggro

Modern: Edward Carolan – Jeskai Control

Legacy: Carter Barge – B/R Reanimator

Fourth Place: Qian, Dhaliwal and Rubinoff

Standard: Juan Qian – B/R Aggro

Modern: Shawn Dhaliwal – Humans

Legacy: Jeremy Rubinoff – B/G Depths