Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, players battled in Team Trios, with one player on Standard, one on Modern and the third on Legacy to take down the top prize. That’s right this week we locked not just one, but three players for the Ultimate Showdown.

The time has come everyone, I have to navigate myself through writing a recap of a Showdown that I was lucky enough to win.

The winning team: Ryan Sandrin, Chris Ha and Keith Capstick.

Obviously I have a lot of good things to say. Team Magic is the most fun way to play in my opinion, and it went swimmingly on Sunday. We didn’t lose a match, I went 7-0-1, Ryan went 7-0-1 and Chris went 6-1-1 respectively—Chris carried our team moral though. More importantly this was just the coolest event I’ve ever played. The fact that there was a sold-out Team Trios event with twenty teams at a local game store is just phenomenal and really a testament to the great community we have at Face to Face Games Toronto. There was even a team that drove all the way from Buffalo to battle.

I was almost right-on-the-mark with my pre-tournament predictions. Team Liam Kane almost made the finals and both Nathan Stark and Ryan Nightingale didn’t show up to the event which allowed Tyler Nightingale to draft the absolutely gas Omar Beldon and the WonderKid Jeff Swaluk. They finished 4-2 at the event. As for the actual in-room goings-on, it was actually about what you’d expect. A lot of the matches were decided by the Legacy seat because that’s the hardest teammate to find. Most Standard matches didn’t even finish because the were Temur Energy mirrors which actually added a pretty interesting dynamic and Modern was just a crap-shoot.

Our team communicated, but only when necessary, which I think was optimal. We discussed mulligans here and there and honed in on some key decisions but mostly left each other to win on our own. I was able to finish a lot of my matches early, (because I only lost one game on the day, ha, brag) and sit between Chris and Ryan to help finish-off the match.

As for the metagame, I found the Modern seat to be the most volatile. There was obviously everything imaginable because it’s Modern, but the polarizing nature of the matchups in the format really made for a lot of run-aways in the middle seat.

Team Trios Showdown Top 4.

Jason Drossis joined forces with Brad Burden and Liam Kane as their Legacy player, and I’d like to give him a special shoutout as someone who won last week’s Modern Showdown and then came back strong to Top 4 this event. Look out for Jason as a big Showdown contender going forward.

With our win on Sunday Chris, Ryan and I have qualified ourselves for the next Face to Face Games Ultimate Showdown and the rest of the Top 8 have started their march toward the top of the Showdown leaderboard. Join us this weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto for our Legacy Sunday Showdown, be sure to play my 4C Leovold deck because it is, in fact, great!

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First Place- Keith Capstick, Chris Ha and Ryan Sandrin

4c Leovold, Keith Capstick

Abzan, Chris Ha

Hazoret Red, Ryan Sandrin

Second Place, Ben Lu, Matthew Long and Leslie Walderman

Grixis Delver, Ben Lu

5C Death’s Shadow, Matthew Long

Abzan Tokens, Leslie Walderman

Third Place- Jason Drossis, Brad Burden and Liam Kane

Jason Drossis, 4C Leovold

Grixis Death’s Shadow, Brad Burden

Mardu Vehicles, Liam Kane

Fourth Place- Nathan Mongeon, Matt Foster and Erik Jervis

Punishing Abzan, Nathan Mongeon

G/B Elves, Matt Foster

U/B Control, Erik Jervis

Want your shot at qualifying for the Ultimate Showdown?  Join us this coming Sunday for our Legacy Showdown ! Really want to get in on this team Magic action? Well, we have a huge 3k Team Trios FaceToFaceGames.com Open coming up on Dec. 2 that you do not want to miss ! Grab a couple friends and get practicing.