I was happy to spot Chris Flink at MagicFest Calgary today. He finished 13th at MagicFest Toronto earlier in the year with Ad Nauseam. He was making a run and came close to a top 8 finish. I wanted to pick his brain on how the format has changed since then.

What brings you to Calgary Chris?

I had some very good success at GP Toronto and I just kind of wanted to keep that train rolling.

Any changes to the deck?

I have changed two sideboard cards. Otherwise, it’s the exact same deck.

Was it due to things that happened at MagicFest Toronto?

I didn’t really have an answer to Whir at the time. It was one of my 3 losses in Toronto, so we are packing Grave Titan this time. Hopefully, we get some beats in.

How does your deck fit in the metagame now?

Humans is not good but it’s a lot less prevalent now that Phoenix is around. I’m pretty sure Phoenix is a pretty bad matchup matchup for Humans. We’re seeing a lot less Humans. GB isn’t super prevalent anymore. Grixis Death’s Shadow is coming back which is not great. With the amount of Tron, Phoenix and Dredge that I see here today, it should be pretty good.

You think those are the 3 main decks tomorrow?

Yeah and they’re all really good matchups.

Good luck tomorrow Chris!