Standard Sunday Showdown Top 8 Lists


Congratulations to Will Bax on taking down todays Sunday Showdown with Bant Company! Join us next week for Modern on Saturday and Sunday.

Name: Will Bax
Place: 1st
Deck: Bant Company

Name: Adrian Foucal
Place: 2nd
Deck: B/W Control

Name: Chris Tisdel
Place: 3rd
Deck: U/W Humans

Name: Eranga De Zoysa
Place: 4th
Deck: Bant Humans

Name: Liam Kane
Place: 5th
Deck: U/W Secure

Name: Robert Baillie
Place: 6th
Deck: Naya

Name: Nick Koutsoulis
Place: 7th
Deck: U/W/R Eldrazi

Name: Patrick Gaudio
Place: 8th
Deck: R/W Humans