BDM and Zvi sit down to talk about the 16 World Championship decklists and who they think will come out on top!
Ally is diving head first into all of the Constructed all-stars from Theros Beyond Death. Come check out what you need to pick up for your Standard deck !
The return of Theros is finally here! With the set finally out, it seems safe to say that 2020 is off to a good start to avoid repeating 2019, as the set is pretty much devoid from the free mana...
How Dominic Harvey prepared for biggest tournament of his life.
Part 3 of BDM and Zvi's Theros: Beyond Death set review!
Part 2 of BDM and Zvi's Theros: Beyond Death set review!
Part 1 of BDM and Zvi's 3-part Theros: Beyond Death review!
BDM and Michael J get together to celebrate Michael J's recent PTQ win with Simic Flash
Brian and Zvi talk Standard, Theros spoilers, and a certain special someone's recent PTQ win
Welcome to another installment of the Goblin Guide, where I take a look at what’s happened in competitive Magic over the last week and distill that information into recommendations for the weekend’s tournaments. Today, we’re going to quickly recap...

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