Team Face to Face Games' very own Pete Ingram is here to tell you that Elementals are the real deal in Standard. Check out his lists!
War of the Spark Standard is finally upon us and Keith Capstick is here to tell you exactly what you should be playing!
This past weekend Face to Face Games hosted our first ever Toronto Mythic Championship! Check out all the action.
This past weekend Fournier took down an MCQ with his beloved Izzet Phoenix deck. Check out his full deck guide for the list!
With Academy and Memory Jar taking the top slots, Brandon Patton is on a mission to figure out the third best deck in Standard of all time.
Alexander Hayne has climbed up to #1 in the world with Mono-Blue Aggro. He shared his decklist and sideboard notes on Twitter.
Star City Games Cincinnati (SCGCIN) took place last weekend on October 6. It was the first major Magic: the Gathering Standard tournament since the format rotated and Return to Ravnica became legal, and it is our first look at...
At first glance, Young Pyromancer seemed underwhelming to Travis Hall, but now he thinks it might be a powerful force in Modern. Here's why!
Team Face to Face Games' Eli Kassis is back and hes got an updated Standard Esper Control list for you. Check it out!
Fournier's got a fresh take on how you need to be building your white beat down decks to tackle the Standard metagame. Find out how he's building white aggro!

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