Jonathan Rosum is one of the SCG Tour's most renowned control players. He's here to tell you exactly how to build and sideboard with Esper in Standard.
This past weekend Face to Face Games hosted a Standard Mythic Championship Qualifier in Montreal. See who locked their slot for the next MC!
Fournier's got a fresh take on how you need to be building your white beat down decks to tackle the Standard metagame. Find out how he's building white aggro!
Andy Robdrup from the First Strike podcast plays some War of the Spark Standard with one of the latest MCQ-winning lists!
War of the Spark Standard is finally upon us and Keith Capstick is here to tell you exactly what you should be playing!
Fournier's got everything you need to start you journey into War of the Spark Standard!
On Sunday Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1K Sealed Sunday Showdown to celebrate War of the Spark Release Weekend. Check out the action!
Alexander Hayne has climbed up to #1 in the world with Mono-Blue Aggro. He shared his decklist and sideboard notes on Twitter.
Enthusiastic player Jake Meszaros will be bringing his energy to Mana Deprived every Monday starting this week. In his first article, he talks about some early Standard ideas.
With Academy and Memory Jar taking the top slots, Brandon Patton is on a mission to figure out the third best deck in Standard of all time.

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