Monday, September 23, 2019
Check out which players and which decks top 8ed our Regional Pro Tour Qualifier in Montreal this past Sunday!
Jay Lansdaal takes a look at a color that struggling a bit in Standard right now: Green.
Recently, ScottyMac completed his amazing 25 hour stream. He goes over the Modern and Standard decks he jammed with including the latest list of #TeamGeist!
Tyler Blum tells us how he won Grand Prix Chicago with insights on his Mono Black Devotion list!
CMT Toronto winner Noah Long is back with a detailed tournament report.
Jeff Good wants us to get schwifty with 18 Land Boros in Standard!
by Kar Yung Tom This is not an article, but simply a scouting report on an archetype that I have not personally seen pop up anywhere else. I honestly doubt Allies are viable with the rotation of Bloodbraid Elf, but I am never one to close myself off from new...
GP Pittsburgh Champion Alex Bianchi talks Modern and shares a Standard brew called Raging Clues.
The Broken City School of Magic's Jared Maguire walks us through his powerful Standard Mono Black midrange deck with card justifications, play tips and a sideboarding guide. Once you go black...?
Alex Bianchi gives us the version of UWR Flash he would run this upcoming weekend. Check it out!

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