In the first edition of Matchup Analysis, Jay Lansdaal beraks down Ghost Pants (the Bant Aura deck that recently won Grand Prix Atlantic City in the hands of ManaDeprived’s own Jon Stern) versus Dragon Zombies.
We get the final verdict from David Caplan on his whirlwind plan for the Team Trios event and MOCS Season 3.
BGD riffs on W/G Vengevine, CawBlade, the appropriate method for the naming of Squadron Hawk's, and a savagely blown judge call in this epic tournament report.
Jay Lansdaal and Marco Hoonderd bash Naya Humans and Human Reanimator against each other. Which deck has the edge?
Matt Mealing shows his latest Standard brew: Jund Delve!
Cole Clarke talks about his RPTQ tournament piloting BG Energy. What did he learn?

What to Play

After having officially moved to America, Jay Lansdaal provides competitive and fun decklists for both Standard and Modern.
Voici l'article du jour par Sébastien Alarie sur Tempered Steel, le deck aggro en vogue ce mois-ci sur MTGO.
Jay Lansdaal breaks down multiple red-based decklists in Standard, giving you insights on the pros and cons of each build.
Jay Lansdaal took a Junk Tokens list to a top 8 finish at a Dutch PTQ.

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