Wednesday, January 23, 2019
KYT continues his non-stop journey to make the Pro Tour. His latest stop is Toronto where he finished in the top 8 with Mono Black Devotion.
We have some new playthings and this is the journey of one man to make those playthings into something awesome.
This week Lansdell shares his battles with VD...I mean Infect at FNM.
Alex Bianchi talks Jeskai Tokens, Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury, and recaps his 2014 year!
A popular segment that I have had success with on previous blogs of mine finally makes its debut on Mana Deprived. A concept largely inspired by the chess problems in my chess books, the viewer is presented with a given situation and asked what they would do. Flores has made...
While Jund Midrange is popular in the Magic Online metagame, Bianchi presents a more aggressive version of the deck in Fervor Jund.
Lansdaal thinks Standard is becoming like Modern, where you have to push your synergies to an extreme to be able to beat the Power decks.
Want to update your Unexpected Results list? Jay Lansdaal has you covered!
by Vincent Thibeault I have been playing for quite a few weeks now with a tweaked version of a deck called Aggro Spread or UGR Tempo. Billy Moreno first offered different lists where he was trying to use Jace in conjunction with creatures that have come into play abilities. In...
Marc Anderson took a Birthing Pod list to a WMCQ. This is his report.

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