Get caught up with all the action from Sunday's team Trios Showdown !
Blake Meade presents his version of Grixis Control in Innistrad Standard.
David Moline goes over his second place finish at SCG LA with his very own Naya Midrange deck.
MrScottyMac talks about which cards you should prepared for in the upcoming Standard environment!
WIth two months of solid results, David Schnayer finally shares his unique take on Esper Control!
Jake "Kid Hyper" Meszaros says goodbye to someone near and dear to his heart.
Or a Naya Vengevine primer for standard and a reflection on toolboxes.
Jay Lansdaal presents some Standard brews where the goal is to hit your opponent as fast as possible.
by Justin Richardson Grayson Moore finished in 5th place at Canadian Nationals and his well-written report can be found over at TCGPlayer. The deck he chose to run for the Standard portion of the tournament was a version of Jund primarily designed by Montreal Jund expert, Justin Richardson. Here at...
Francis Toussaint walks us through the M12 metagame with his best guess on what the format will look like, and what deck might have a solid game against most of the expected decks.

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