Fresh off a 3-1 record from last week, Game Day Grinder Peter Sachlas was excited to bring his GW Aggro to another test!
by Dan Lanthier Dan Lanthier is the 2008 Canadian National Champion and we are happy to have him interested in working with Mana Deprived. The talent does not stop coming, does it? In his debut article, Dan shares his thoughts on the current state of UW control. Hello everybody and...
We bring you a special feature from THE Yuuya Watanabe. A translated version of his Deck construction theatre!
Do you have the right removal spells in your Standard deck? Bianchi wants you to be prepared.
With the addition of the UR Temple and Keranos, God of Storms, Chris Lansdell revisits UR Devotion in Standard.
This past Sunday, Daniel Fournier earned a spot on Team Canada for the World Magic Cup. Check out the top 8 decklists!
Just a couple weeks prior to Grand Prix Toronto, more than 120 players battled in Team Trios at our FaceToFaceGames.com Open event this past Saturday in Toronto. This probably won't catch you off-guard but recent Grand Prix champion and Canadian...
Jon Stern rejoins the Magic world and gives us a tips on how to battle with RG Aggro.
This week Lansdell shares his battles with VD...I mean Infect at FNM.
Oliver Tiu recaps his top 4 performance at the 2016 World Championship!

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