Ally Warfield came so close to Top 8 this past weekend at MC 7. She's got the whole story for you.
With the Mythic Championship decklists fresh off the presses, Brian and Zvi sit down to discuss their favorites and which lists have the most spice
Tyler Nightingale took down or WPNQ this past weekend. Read the whole story!
Veil of Summer, Once Upon a Time and Oko are banned in Standard. Where do we go next?
On the eve of the NYC PTQ Mike and Brian talk standard, Mike's unique card choices, and how standard will look after Monday's bannings
This past weekend Eli Kassis made Top 8 at the Mythic Championship in Richmond! Let him tell you the story!
This past weekend at Face to Face Games Toronto was a little different than what you're used to. We hosted two back to back Standard events at the shop! These, of course, are part of our ongoing WPN Qualifier series...
Fournier is on his way to battle at the Standard Mythic Championship this weekend. Find out what he's playing!
Ally Warfield is embarking on her first MC journey. Find out how she's preparing to put up a good result!
BDM and Zvi sit down to talk Mythic Championship VI and Zvi's prep for the event

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