Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Derek's still jamming a bunch of post-ban Standard to see what works. Jump into a league as he tests a sweet U/B Midrange deck splashing for Vraska!
Jump into another league with Derek as he tries out Sultai Midrange in new Standard !
Elliot Fortier shares his latest version of Grixis Energy and how he plans against the mirror!
The bannings have completely overhauled Standard and the format is brand new. Check out what took down our Standard PPTQ Sunday Showdown!
Standard is looking very different these days and Derek's got some sweet new G/B Constrictor matches for you. Find out if he can bring home a trophy!
Fournier's got more on new Standard for you this week. He's got everything you need to know about the new iteration of Mardu Vehicles !
You knew Fournier would have something to say about this most recent set of Standard bans. Get all the new decklists and hottest takes right here !
This week Derek "MisplacedGinger" Pite took a break from his video series to write out his thought on the Standard bannings for you !
Fournier has just returned from Grand Prix Santa Clara where he gained some perspective about finding joy in the game we all love. Check out his thoughts in his weekly column.
It's a New Year and new Ultimate Showdown race, get caught up with all the action from our Standard Store Champs Showdown !