Morgan McLaughlin tuned up Jeskai Drakes for GP Milwaukee after his 11-5 run with the deck at the Pro Tour. Check out how his tournament went!
Shaheen Soorani went off the beaten path and played his trusty Esper Control deck at Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica. He breaks down everything about the deck!
Pete Ingram is here to tell you that you don't need to worry about all that Mono-White in the Top 8 of the Pro Tour. Standard is healthy as ever!
Team Face to Face Games brought an innovative take on U/R Drakes to Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica. Eli Kassis explains how the arrived at adding white to the deck!
Fournier's back to give you everything to expect at Pro Tour Atlanta. See what Standard surprises he is predicting!
This past weekend Face to Face Games Toronto hosted a 1k Standard PPTQ Showdown. Jump in and find out which new Standard deck took it down!
Team FacetoFaceGames.com member Pete Ingram made it to the Top 32 last weekend at GP New Jersey. He's here to tell you why B/G Midrange is still great in Standard!
Eli Kassis piloted Jeskai Control to win the first Grand Prix of Guilds of Ravnica Standard in New Jersey this past weekend. Jump in to get all the details and an updated list from a member of our FacetoFaceGames.com Pro Team!
This past weekend we hosted a 1k Team Trios Showdown at Face to Face Games Toronto. Jump in and check out who took it down!
We've got a brand new Standard format and Daniel Fournier has been grinding hard leading up to Grand Prix New Jersey to break the Black/Green Midrange mirror. Hop in and find out what he's playing!

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