Monday, July 13, 2020
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Food for Thought – Tezzeret Affinity

KYT finally unveils the secret Tezzeret Affinity list that has been locked inside the Mana D headquarters.

Crazy Talk #4 – Maybe I’m Wrong

In episode 4 of Crazy Talk, Medina starts things off by defending Legacy players around the world. The boys then cover 3 decks: High Tide, Affinity and Dredge. They also answer a few questions from Twitter land.

Crazy Talk #3 – The Legacy Revolution

In episode 3, the boys start off talking about the reprint policy. They then move on to SCG Memphis where they discuss Merfolk, Team America, Natural Order and Affinity. They end it off with thoughts on where Legacy is going and what to make out of the new SCG buy-list.

Crazy Talk #1 – Introduction to Legacy

In the debut episode of Crazy Talk, the crew go over the accessibility of Legacy and the many different archetypes that you will run into as you navigate through the jungle of this format.

Someday I Will Win It All, Part 2

KYT finally returns as he shares the story of his win at the inaugural Invitational tournament. He also lists a potential Caw Go variant for people to try out in their upcoming Standard tourneys.

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