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Captain’s Log #17 – What I’m Playing

In the latest Captain's Log, KYT talks about what he's currently playing in Modern and his PTQ-winning Standard deck!

Captain’s Log #16 – My First Pro Tour

KYT played his first Pro Tour this past weekend. Read up on why he chose to play his BUG Infect list!

Captain’s Log #15 – Noah’s Ascendancy

KYT talks about covering the MDSS Toronto 2014 event and has a conversation with Noah Long to figure out the best Ascendancy Combo list in Modern.

Captain’s Log #14 – Relearning Limited

KYT discusses his Limited preparation and offers insights he has gained from the M15 format that will apply to others.

Captain’s Log #13 – Cone of Game

After more than four years since starting ManaDeprived.com, KYT is now able to check "Winning a PTQ" off his bucket list.

Captain’s Log #12 – Lucky Numbers

In the latest Captain's Log, KYT talks about why he played seven scry lands in Mono Black Devotion for Grand Prix Cincinnati.

Captain’s Log #10 – The Tournament Thanks You

KYT finished 11th at Grand Prix Vancouver, his highest individual finish at a GP. Read about his adventure in Western Canada.

Captain’s Log #9 – Top 8 in Toronto

KYT continues his non-stop journey to make the Pro Tour. His latest stop is Toronto where he finished in the top 8 with Mono Black Devotion.

Captain’s Log #8 – Real-Life PTQ Crash

KYT continues his return in Connecticut which started off as his best PTQ experience ever only to end in a crash at the hands of the Wizards Event Reporter.

Captain’s Log #7 – The Curse of Syracuse

KYT returns from his mini hiatus in 2014. His first PTQ in Syracuse had more twists and turns than he expected.

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