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Is Magic esports now?

I'm really into competitive gaming. Years before I took Magic seriously, I was so deep into competitive Starcraft...

Durdling Around 227 – The Worst Party Idea Ever

Perhaps a Goblin Chainwhirler party would have been better in an open space... #PTDOM #MTG #Goblins

Marvel’s Banned; What Now?

Another card has been banned in Standard. Aetherworks Marvel is gone, and turn-four Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is the horror-story of yesterday. So what...

Blitzkrieg Bop : Naya Blitz 8-Man #1 (French)

Cette fois-ci, tout est en 1 vidéo, ça me simplifie la tâche pour les uploader. Round 1 : 0:00 Round 2 : 17:40 Round 3 : 32:35 Résumé/Decklist...

Standard Deck Tech – Jund

Chris Holley from themtgnoob provides a deck tech on Jund in the Standard environment along with 2-man action from MODO with the deck.

Choices, Choices

Return to Ravnica is close, people. SO CLOSE! Now that we have the full spoiler I've been brewing and brewing hard, and some of...

Trading with FFFreak

Lands. Lands everywhere. So many of the blasted things. No matter what I did leading up to FNM, I was seeing too many lands....

Summer of Magic

In a summer we are envious of, Adam traveled and played Magic all over.

The Game of Life

Chris played with Life at his last event. See if he failed or not.

A New Brew: Crushing Delver and Making Bonfire Irrelevant

We have some new playthings and this is the journey of one man to make those playthings into something awesome.

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