With an absent Medina gobblin’ turkey and spending time with family, KYT, ScottyMac and JayBoosh get together for some Magic talk in Episode 105: Jay gets kudos for his introduction to ante league article, and they look at how other casual formats stack up against it. Scott tells the epic tale of his Modern Mastery success and how he won 3 byes for Grand Prix Toronto. KYT starts to succumb to the sweet lure of Red-Green Tron. The guys get excited for the Mana Deprived Party happening at GP Toronto, and look ahead to other GPs they hope to attend in 2013, including Calgary and the Las Vegas Modern Masters. All three express admiration for the Face to Face Games free Promo Kits that will be available at GP Toronto, as well as the limited edition Canadian Flag playmats. Finally, the guys weigh in on the recent controversy of rude & hateful comments in public forums during tournaments.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Ante League 101
Scott’s Modern Mastery Stream

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