The Eh Team #140 – Jay & Scott’s Excellent Adventure

Episode 140 starts the newest chapter of the Eh Team podcast, as the guys introduce their new co-host and check his credentials to make sure they match all of the #mtgehteam4th hints dropped on Twitter the past week. Jay & Scott together tell the story of their most excellent GP Calgary adventure: Star Wars, Face à Face, Ante League, Jay’s Round-by-round Day One with Bant Hexproof, and how Jay survived the ManaDeprived party to go on and play Day 2 of the Grand Prix. Or not.

Don’t forget about Jay Boosh’s Jack & Jill Fundraiser! You still have until August 10 to enter the raffle!!

//Editor’s Note: Big props to Cole (@Vault101Dude) for the HUGE help in locating this season’s intro quotes.\\

The Tale of Two Tournaments, Part 1


**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

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Polish Tamales

Yo, that was the best troll I’ve ever heard.



My condolences to Jeremey for getting the gig. Sucks that you’ll be quitting Magic soon. I was really hoping Lansdell got the gig, that way it would be good riddance to him but I guess we’ll keep him on Horde of Notions for the time being!

Congrats man, well deserved!

(*Will’s Note – KYT forced me to write this message*)

Luis Acosta

I agree with KYT about your three byes….FUCK YOU. I had to top 64 without one. 😛


Oh my GOD Scotty, you’re such a DAD. If Jay wants to get fuckered, you let him! You can’t contain the beast.

Also that party sounded insane. I wasn’t even close to being there and yet I still feel slightly hungover from it. That good.


Great trolling, I was in shock Lansdell would be the person. Had me going.

OH MY GOD. This is the best ever! Insane! Exclamation points! I’m only 5 minutes in and my sides already hurt. The new intros are *SICK* and I lost it on the DING DING DING sound fx.

Kar Yung Tom

All credit goes to our amazing podcast editor, Kyle Mathers. We got the very best in the business!

Peter Rodway

Dudes, you are playing Starwars without a black table cloth!!!! Trust me, its better with some black and some asteroids

Luis Acosta

We did have asteroids, and what you don’t see is the 4th tie fighter stuck navigating a maze of them about 3 turns from the action. Affectionately named Cletus he was the little Tie Fighter that could. Saving Maruader from destruction at the hands of Luke. Cletus may not always be there, but he’s always on time.

Joshua Lemish

Last week was about one vice and now this week is about another! Time to RAGE AGAINST ALL THE SINNERS! (When Scotty makes the Rhino sound i spit coffee on the wall…so good)

Joshua Lemish

Also what is SEMI PRO Paintball?

More later, but I will never eat while listening to your podcast again. Curdled booze, then Jay’s trip to the men’s was a bit much.

Scotty, I am nominating you as a saint for your need to clean.


I LOVED the Scotty and Jay story from the GP. Oh man, hilarious stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing more from the new host too. Good times fellas.


Welcome Jeremy, I’ve always liked you on MNM. It’s good to see you on the Eh Team.

You guys really trolled us hard with Chris Lansdale and it’s pretty cool of him to work along. I think at some point I really fell for it, even knowing better in the back of my head. Now I believe in the podcast we were promised a pic of Jay hanging in his bathtub in the shownotes but I can’t seem to find it.

great cast

Scott Smith

Totally got trolled. Classic Eh Team hi-jinks #chowderheads

Didn’t want to be on your dumb show anyways 😛



Thank god!


I loved your part, i wasnt there when you guys were recording and i didnt listen to it until it was officially out, and it was fucking awesome. Thanks chris.


You fuckas had me going


Although the Ante League Negate is pretty good, I still laugh every time I draw the Eternal Witnessed that Scotty whipped up. Thanks for the fun games!


Nice call on Shahar/Duke. . . That made like half of the magic talk this week incorrect. But the great stories made up for it.


Have been listening to both Monday Night Magic and The Eh Team for a while now and have been a fan of Jeremey. While he will be missed in Monday Night Magic (who has been taking bad beatings with Jack’s hiatus and now Jeremey doing less appearances), I do believe he will be balancing The Eh Team in a similar way as that of Medina – of course, not necessarily with the same approach. So, congrats Jeremey and looking forward to future podcasts!

One random notes about the episode: Jay mentioned his opponent in round 7 being Chris who is a shop owner in (Metro) Vancouver. The name of the store is Wiser’s Wide World of Collectibles. Haven’t been in said store; however, his store is usually mentioned in Vancouver’s MTG community.


Sweet! THanks for updating that, ill see if i can get kyle to add that to the show notes!


I think the CL in “CL Smooth” might stand for clown. I think we just got trolled, and Jay wasn’t here to defend us. Gotta say, I have never heard of this Jeremy guy (“Never heard of em”). He better fill at least 50% of those Medina shoes, or there might be some hell to pay. I expect Jay to properly initiate this guy, and shit all over everything he says.

I don’t know if it’s this energy drink, but 20 minutes in I’m already in tears laughing. You should do like a mini-series reality TV show where the Eh Team hosts/judges this series of obstacle courses and the grand prize is spending a day with Jay Boosh. That’s how awesome this fuckin sounds.

Ok so, at this point I am 2 energy drinks into the show, and I think it’s only been an hour, so my brain is numb right now and I don’t know what’s going on. This new guy is an asshole judge, Jay is 3 shotting people with the gayest most asshole-ish deck on the planet, and Scott is jerking off some guy named Kenji (at first I thought you were talking about Kenji Tsumura, but I guess not).

It sounds like this GP is significantly lower in attendance than your average present day GP, and I bet that’s the reason people were enjoying it. Who wants to swim in an ocean of sweaty rhinos; no one I know would. It’s sort of like the planet Earth: the lower the population, the happier people are. It’s like; would you rather drive on an open highway, or drive single digit speeds for an hour? I think the answer is obvious. Overpopulation, it’s real.

I’d like to thank Jay for being a role model of how much NOT to drink. He is truly a hero of the people, for the people, and by the people. Thank you Jay.

Jeremey Schofield

You! I like you!


This guy.

Eric Blanc

Jeph is the best.comment image

I already messaged KYT and Scotty immediately when I heard the episode. Fuck you guys for trolling me.♥


Jeff is the BEST. im very sad that i didnt get to say good bye

Matt Hurley

Hey do you have contact information for the schoolteacher? I was literally just handed like 5 big boxes of standard bulk with the instruction to give it to some noob who didnt have cards. I was wondering if he would like them and id be willing to send them off. If the answer is no I will do my own investigation and find the contact info.


I have his email, and am trying to get in contact with him to set it up. You can always ship it to me, i live 30 minutes away and am planning on dropping off some stuff 🙂 or message me at jay dot tuharsky at gmail.


austen hoey

hey jay i’m the guy who lost it on ashley for not knowing who you were thanks for the signed delver and fuck you too



Scott Smith

Omg Jay, you used to play semi pro paintball too??


YEAH IM EVEN ON 3 DVDs (it might be more than that) WOOO PEW PEW

Yeah alright the new guy is funny….abit sucky sucky but who isnt when they want to get into a new gang…so huge respect at him for being normal…he also has a card that people give him to make fun of him (Like me)….I do like that he is getting KYT talking more and we defiantly need a KYT soundboard so someone sort that shit out! my contribution to the soundboard is KYT in episode 82…. “He gave me a muffin”

Jorge Monteiro

Awesome episode, nice choice on the new member of the team, for a few minutes you got me worried :p

Jes Gölbez

Medina for Lansdell for Schofield. Upgrayyyyyd!

Kar Yung Tom

Lansdell did an insane job for the intro though!

Jes Gölbez

True, you got us good!

Blaine Lapierre

Guys – I literally squee’d when I heard my shout out. Thank you so much.

Had a blast at the party and the GP. Jeremy, you’re a great addition to the cast (as I successfully predicted last week – ahahahah!).

Will continue to listen faithfully in the casts to follow.

Luv ya’ll.

PS – I’m in on a bet to Sal for $10 that a certain DGM mythic won’t be at $20 come rotation…seems like I’m a degenerate gambler too. Who the fuck takes on a bet like that with a guy who sells cards for a living??!?!

Scott Gossett

Yayyyyyyy!!! I have friends hahaha thanks for hooking us up!

I knew it wasn’t him hahahaha

Jeremy was awesome. Nice voice very smooooth haha

Scotty it is nice you didn’t get verbally assaulted this episode. I expect this will be the new norm without Jon.

KYT was above average on words per episode. By at least 17 words! Go KYT!

Jay you rock bro! Never change man. Never change!

Awesome episode guys.

Daniel (@exzergling)

I bought Jay boosh a beer at the mana deprived party and he tried to introduced me to Doug Potter and I was like ‘yeah, I know who Doug is’ and Jay and Doug just broke their asses laughing! Now I know why!

Congrats on joining the podcast Jeremy!

Great GP, Great party – the kareyoke was off the hook – and as always a great podcast!

I live in Edmonton now but I still got my homeboy’s back. Because you bashed his hair I’m linking Stephane’s tournament report right here in the comments!

Captain Sum Ting Wong

I hope these last 3 episodes are just one long brilliant troll; with the sparse magic substance thrown in each to keep stringing me along it could be possible. Star Snores, a soap opera/pity party, and “The Hangover” shitty version featuring a million shoutouts plus random douche.

First no one gives a fuck about this Star Wars game; your recent DOTA 2 game stories would be more interesting and relevant. I can only assume you either think you are so fucking interesting that you can spend an entire podcast on bull or you are getting paid. Almost Flores levels of sleazebag arrogance except that it is lacking the clear pyramid scheme/scam artist vibe of that guy. Is anyone else reminded of Dwight from the Office but without any redeeming qualities when they think of Flores? (He is going to improve the hand eye coordination and peripheral vision of nerds everywhere along with a false sense of superiority for the low low price of only 2 New York Times Best Selling legitimate books.) Anyways please save your other hobbies for personal blogs/other podcasts.

Holy fuck the Medina episode. As the only commenter with a brain, SadPanda, said you didn’t ‘owe us’ anything and this was nothing more than outreach for pity. Instead of being resolved with a short statement we had to be told the whole story which was none of our business. This was a pretty transparent move to humanize and paint things as some crazy situation that could happen to anyone. I really liked Medina but this kind of random pandering in the name of honesty in a community you don’t plan on being a part of in the future seems pretty sad. If you really regretted what you had done wouldn’t you just put the facts out and let people think you were the bad guy (you are) rather than try to tell the ‘whole’ story to a audience of your bros who will sympathize? What a ironically hilarious way to put lie to the hours of life balance discussion and commitment to things that are most important. Ah all the meaningless platitudes.

Finally this episode is the third fucking strike with the introduction of a new host who instantly gives the impression of an insecure bully seeking attention. Jeremy mentions how Hayne literally steals 20 dollars from his friend which is fine because this Hayne guy he is a pro right, he is so cool. Then this guy has the nerve to act like someone stole from him and not want to be friends with Hayne what a dick. Oh but it was a lesson like if I punch you in the face and steal your wallet just don’t let that happen again and because I am super cool You know when casinos find out people are cheating on bets they just admit they have learned a lesson and are best friends with the people stealing from them. No but at least Hayne didn’t’ allow him to do double or nothing because than that would be stealing. This asshole decides however that he doesn’t want to participate with a known cheater/theif in another contest and than gets him back in a similar fashion. Thank god Jeremy was there to put this lowlife in his place and make him feel like shit for actually sticking up for himself. It was quite rude of him to assert that this was in fact a lesson identical to the other betting lessons. Jeremy told him though that is wasn’t cool and socially shamed him, thank god. Seriously though if this is how you treat your friends on a regular basis I feel bad for them and suggest that you follow the influence of peer pressure less. This is similar to when Jay sucked Gerry’s dick so hard and was bullying John and Scott in another episode; there seems to be a pretty immature streak in you guys sometimes in your attempt to fit in with the people you think are important. Aside from your disappointing contribution stories I would say the whole KYT thing was pretty fucking annoying, I know it is an Eh Team meme or whatever but could you come out and burn it anymore. KYT talks when he has something relevant to say we have all been fine with that for a long time. John after Scott was the second biggest content contributor so I hope you make that a priority rather than focus on asking KYT if he isn’t afk.

This however wasn’t the most annoying/ironic thing about this episode, that was the fucking shoutouts. I know Jay has expressed some sort of rotation policy about the features of the show but the exit of the shoutout was a policy that should be here to stay. Who gives a fuck about random Canadian dudes you happened to play against, orly some guy owned a store in Mooseballs Canada fascinating. Also the reason that kid was pissed was because you fucking rules-lawyered him Jay, playing by the letter of the law just ruins wins because it makes them not about out playing/thinking your opponent but rather just always strictly following the rules better. Shoutout to Scott for rubbing Jay’s balls with a wet cloth no homo.

Brian Brown

I thought that your post might be shady when you chose a racist name to post it under. That’s not funny or cute. It is however offensive. As is your homophobia. I would have taken your comment more seriously without those things. Sounds like you don’t like the show or anyone involved, yet you still listen? Seems strange to me, but hey whatever works for you.

Jes Gölbez


Blaine Lapierre

Uh, wow. Someone’s got some anger issues.

Only thing I’m going to reply to directly is the last paragraph re: rules lawyer. It’s a Competitive REL event – you are EXPECTED to follow the rules to the T, and if you don’t know how your cards work you are at a competitive disadvantage. Its a tough lesson to learn, but everyone has to learn it if they’re going to play at the higher levels of competition.

I love listening to the exploits of the boys through all the different gaming avenues – doesn’t just HAVE to be about MTG.

BTW – via the shout-out I just reconnected with a friend I knew from University days over 10 years ago – how crazy is that!?!?!


Back to form old gents and a new gent! Knew it all along boys! Lol
Too many hilarious quotes in this episode to mention. Out of the park funny guys!
Btw, Kyle awesome editing buddy!

Tom (@tomohr)

I would have shit my pants and donated them to Jay’s raffle if CL Smooth was the new host. Ugh, as soon as I heard his voice I thought what are these guys thinking. I could actually breath again once the real new guy came in.. I was very worried.

I just want to say, as someone that thoroughly enjoys the game of magic but does not need to spend every waking moment thinking about it, I thoroughly appreciate the stories and friendship that you guys share around this game. That is really what it is all about for me. The discussion that comes up about magic through your experiences is really enough. Sometimes there is a lot of good discussion and sometimes you just talk about all of the wild animal sounds that Jay is capable of making when he is apocalypse drunk. Whatever it is, it’s enjoyable because it is not just the same regurgitation (no pun intended) of the same bland crap that every other podcast puts out.

Apparently Jeremey was on MNM? Since Tom left, I feel like that show has just plain sucked. I liked the energy though and feel like he fits the attitude of the show though. I really liked that Medina was always wanting to say the opposite of what everyone said, it built up to some good conversations and interaction. I do look forward to hearing a good conversation about some actual magic stuff to see the interaction of the group with him as a whole. If the 3 of you are cool with it, I am sure it will be great though. Congrats on the new member – it does seem right that 100% of you are canadian again… eh?

This show gives me a good reason to look forward to Monday… don’t fuck it up.

Thanks guys


I like to think that Medina regenerated into Jeremy. Like Dr Who.

Best episode of the Eh Team yet. This is a true demonstration of everything going right in an episode.


Really enjoyed this week’s episode. I think you guys are able to come across in the podcast like friends sitting around a table catching up on what has happened, and throwing Magic talk in there too. I can go anywhere to hear what people think of certain cards, but I can only get the story of Jay’s party shenanigans from here. Keep up the great work guys, hope to meet a few of you at a Toronto event soon!

Nimble Mongoose

Yah. You guys are alright.

The better MJ

I’m cool with Jeremy being the new guy. However, defending Hane on the scumbag $20 bet and getting mad at dude for retaliation was dumb. Hane should have given the $20 back instantly. With friends you have a reasonable unsaid expectation of fairness when approached to game. Any of these other Eh Team dudes would have gotten their money back. Scumbag move is scumbag. Not to say any of them would make a $20 bet on that.

NEW INTROS!!!!!! YES!!! And the new guy. Wait no, what’s this… Chris Lansdell. Nice. CL Smooth is a rapper, come on guys, one of you has to know old school hip hop. Jeremy Schofield. Wait what, you guys are totally trolling the hell out of us. What the heck is going on here? Haha you guys are a freaking crack up. You just trolled the heck out of all of us. I wasn’t even able to listen on time for quite a while, and I am still historically trolled.

Jay joined and sounded like he was still hung over. That had to have been the best party ever. Don’t worry Jeremy, being a yes man for these guys isn’t a bad thing. Jon’s farewell show was good. All of the whiners can eat a dick. And 31 isn’t old you fuckers. I am 35 with 2 kids. Hold up… had to put this cast on pause so I could talk about Jon’s farewell cast for a second. So here it goes.

Jon’s situation is exactly what I am still going through in my own life. Except I am on the receiving end. My wife of almost 10 years cheated on me. I am about 3 weeks from a finalized divorce. We’ll see if it ends up being a divorce or this is salvageable at all for me. Being on the receiving end of that is terrible and it fucks your entire life and mind up. Forget about the person you were. That person left. You now get to decide if this new person you are is in love with your other still and if you want life together.

Jon went through some shit and he’s being the honest and up front individual. He’s a good man, he just made a mistake. His wife is the only one out there that can say a damn thing about it. But I haven’t heard her say anything either, this means she’s a good woman. I wish you both the best of luck and I hope it’s together, because I tell ya, it’s much better that way.

Back on with this cast, taking it off pause.

Aw shit a KYT soundboard complete with KYT memes. Perfect. Put this into action. ROFL Jay’s truck looks like Christmas. Holy cow Jay I never knew. I knew you had a truck as you have previously mentioned it. But really, holy shit, Christmas. You totally should have taken Scott for Vietnamese food. McDonald’s, another hilarious option. Nothing but the best for Scott. Based on Jay’s description of Sal, I want to meet this guy.

Speaking of hung over. Today is the day after Labor Day in the US, and I am fucking hung the hell over. My opinion doesn’t matter… “true” haha. Aw shit Jay got Slave 1!!! I freaking love that Jay no Sirred all of Scott’s ideas for packs. Jay beat the heck out of everyone in some Ante League. Your deck must be much bigger now.

Credit card game and compulsive gamblers. I don’t think I could hang with you guys in the credit card game. That’s too much juice for me.

Wait Jay, I thought Luke was the best character ever. How the hell did he just fly into an asteroid?

OH shit scumbag stories. I fucking love scumbag stories. These are the best parts of the show. Freaking comedic gold. Welcome to the community, fuck you. LOL. Are we pleasing you, are you happy.

The teacher getting the magic group together for the kids at his school was awesome. Huge props to this guy.

The damn ratchet bomb is back!!!

Mututal barn-ception. Bwahaha. Wait what. You’re both 5’2? Holy shit you’re short. I had no clue you were that short Jay. Made it to day 2. Great job.

This is Doug. DOUG POTTER. Pro Tour Doug. I was waiting for you to say Poker Poker Doug. I love my dad, and I love my Doug. Fucking A Jay you’re fucking hilarious. Side note, not a single one of us has good balance when we’re drunk. Aw yeah puke and rally. Like a champ! And no you’re not a puke sniper. You know how I know Scott’s a good dad? Because he was cleaning up Jay’s puke off the toilet like a pro. Us dad’s have a great constitution and can clean anything up.

I am totally getting shitfaced with you guys. This sounds like the best damn times ever!