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On their milestone 250th show, the Eh Team welcomes Matt Mendoza, journalist and official Grand Prix coverage team member, fresh off his 38th place finish at Grand Prix Madison! Why it’s hard to keep up competitive cred and produce audio content. Jeremey’s first BFZ drafts. Some of the Standard decks the guys expect to NOT do well at the Pro Tour this coming weekend. Why Matt almost didn’t play the Grand Prix last weekend, and the secret weapon that turned his winning streak on. How tricky a draft format this really is. What Matt has been doing lately to help him improve his Magic overall. Jay & Jeremey’s new business idea: Buck-a-Chievies.
Eh Team Pro Tour Draft:

  • Jeremey: Mike Sigrist, Joel Larssen, Shawn McLaren, Nam Sung Wook
  • Matt: Alex Hayne, Sam Black, Gerry Thompson, Raphael Levy
  • Boosh: Seth Manfield, Jon Finkel, Reid Duke, Eric Froehlich
  • KYT: Yuuya Watanabe, Owen Turtenwald, William Jensen, Kentaro Yamamoto

Jay Boosh’s GoT BOO set is finally complete, and he had a chance to play it. Which cards did he have to change? Download and print up a copy yourself, and let him know what worked for you!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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