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KYT and Matt Mendoza look at the recently-announced coverage changes for 2016, including a reduced number of live events but more content over a course of a Grand Prix weekend. Looking forward to the World Magic Cup this weekend, especially anticipating an epic clash between the star-studden Canadian and American teams. KYT enjoyed watching the Modern format in the very last ManaDeprived Super Series tournament in Montreal this weekend, before the store kicks off their FacetoFaceGames.com Tournament series in the new year. The two then welcome Adam Yurchick, newly-crowned TCGPlayer MaxPoints Champion, having won the Championship with Abzan Aggro. Which deck Adam almost played at the tournament instead of Abzan. KYT and Adam compare notes about the Abzan Aggro vs 4-Colour Rally matchup. Adam turns the interview tables on the guys to ask about KYT’s Pro Tour experiences, and helps light a fire under Cap’n Canada for next year’s tournaments. The guys reminisce about some of their own personal level-up moments in pro play, and compare techniques they’ve learned to continually improve their game. Congratulations to Erich, winner of the Episode 257 comment contest! This episode, Matt brings a new contest: a Magic cardname riddle for the Eh Team listeners to solve!

“I’m a one and oldy,
But I’m not black or goldy,
And I’m coldy.
Never rapping, always tapping,
For little mana, I stop attacking.
What am I?”

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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