Hang out with the Eh Team in the most meta, most off-the-cuff, self-referential episode in all of podcastdom. There will be celebrity impressions, roasts, nostalgia, secrets revealed, scumbag stories, and even a little Magic discussion! And it wouldn’t be a 50th anniversary episode without the honourary 5th Eh team member as guest host, Jonathan Medina.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there. Tune in to hear Eh Team memories and roasts from:

  • Don Wiggins, owner of Don’s Magic and Sundry
  • Joey Pasco & Big Head Joe Panuska, hosts of Yo! MTG Taps! podcast
  • Neale Talbot, aka @Wrongwaygoback, Magic blogger and writer
  • Chris Lansdell & Jack Lacroix, hosts of Horde of Notions podcast
  • Zack Levine, aka @MetaKnightmare
  • Marshall Sutcliffe & Jon Loucks, hosts of Limited Resources podcast
  • Tangent & Dr. Jeebus, hosts of Public Enemies podcast
  • Phil Samms, Canadian grinder and member of Team Mana Deprived
  • Andy, host of CommanderCast podcast
  • The one and only Cobra Snake!!! Ssss-sss-sss
  • DougPkr, JayBoosh’s favourite comments troll

Update on the AJ Sacher Brainstorm contest: The winner will be announced on Episode 52 of The Eh Team. There was simply too much goodness to fit in to this episode.

The Eh Team would like to give a BIG thank you to all of our guest hosts from the past 50 episodes and to our friends of the podcast. You, too, have made this show awesome. Jay says sorry in advance if you’re not on the list; there’s a million people he would love to thank personally, he’s an idiot, though:

Jonathan Medina (x6), Kelly Reid, Billy Moreno, Robby Rothe, Matt Marr, Lauren Lee, Trick Jarrett, Mike Flores, Marshall Sutcliffe, Kerrydan, Patrick Chapin, Matt Sperling, Gerry T, “Danger Dan” Barrett, Conley Woods, Sean Carter, Willie G My Prez, Joey Pasco, Big Head Joe, Nick Navratil, Sean Heatherington, PSamms, Jon Smithers, Some Scrub named Adam (Adam Styborski! Ep 24), Luke Sonnier, Luke Worthington, Luis Acosta, Don “The behoover” Wiggins, Thomas Quinlan, Dave Robinder and MTGPADS.COM, Chris Lansdell, Matthias Hunt, Sam Stoddard, Fuckin Gary, Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, Jake Mezaros, Ronald Jenkees, Jason Ness, Tom “Troll Slayer” Martell, AJ Sacher, Alex Hayne, François Richard, Ali Antrazi, and Chris Otwell & Tom Gustafson from MTGCast.com

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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@mtgmedina – Jonathan Medina
@TheSundry – Don “The Behoover” Wiggins
@AffinityForBlue – Joey Pasco
@OMGWTFBHJFTW – Big Head Joe Panuska
@Wrongwaygoback – Neale Talbot
@lansdellicious – Chriss Lansdell
@JackLacroix – Jack Lacroix
@metaknightmare – Zack Levine
@Marshall_LR – Marshall Sutcliffe
@JonLoucks – Jon Loucks
@TangentDYN – Tangent
@Dr_Jeebus – Dr. Jeebus
@psamms – Phil Samms
@CommanderCast – Andy
@DougPkr – Doug Potter


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@Smi77y – Jesse Smith
@JayBoosh – Jay Tuharsky
@MrScottyMac – Scott MacCallum

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Eh Team Intro – @mtgcolorpie
Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees