An irreverant Episode 84, this time with Jonathan Medina taking a break, kicks right off as JayBoosh and KYT share insights into the Canadian team’s playtesting for Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, including their early impressions of what became Alex Hayne’s PT-winning block constructed deck, Hallelujah! The team goes over what they have been playing lately: Scotty has been updating Esper Planeswalkers, Jay is still a Delver expert, and KYT’s Mike Flores brew challenge kicks off to a lacklustre start. But that’s okay, because the guys take a look at Smitty’s latest brew together, wish they were in Barcelona, and go over some of the week’s interesting Magic news. Don’t forget to stay tuned to the end of the podcast for a special bit of musical Eh Team fun!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

Team Mana Deprived playtesting before PT Avacyn Restored in Barcelona
Tangent’s new MTGO Hero series

(Funky Cold Medina lyrics by Jeffrey Lombardo (@muttzippy), vocals by Sagar Sheyte.)
Download the full track here.

Alright, Dig it

Cold coolin’ at the shop and looking for some action
But like Mike Flores says “I ain’t the main attraction”
The durdles are all around but none of them wanna trade with me
My binders fresh, I’m looking tight, what’s up with MTG?

All the Bros are flocking’ at the other end of the store
Trading rares for common cards, Don’t they know I’ll give em more?
I ask this guy who the grinder is doing trades in my arena
A finance scholar, did pack to power. It’s Jonathan Medina

Jonathan Medina

This brother told me a secret about a site he called Legit
Go there read the articles and the trades come real quick
SCG and Fireball are just a bunch of hacks
LegitMTG is the real deal and that’s a scientific fact

So I linked to it in my blog and went to FNM that night
Got the binder set to trade But I was in for quite the fight
The whole store read those articles and grinded much much meaner
I said where’d you guys learn to trade like that? The said Jonathan Medina

You know what I’m saying?
I got every Durdle trading for value at my store
They got shocklands and Legacy Gold
But I can’t fool anyone thanks to Medina. Ahhhh

I walked up to this girl. She said, “Hi my name is Nina”
Her collection’s full of really great cards and I didn’t see Medina
She said she wanted some playable stuff like Abyssal Persecutors
She made a couple of picks and some smart phone clicks
Took all my Personal Tutors.

I made some picks myself and took the cards she had worth green
Said, “hold on a sec”, Did a quick price check. The Tutors cost 14
So I made the trade put my cards away and said goodbye to Nina
But speculation on price made the Tutors worth twice thanks to Jonathan Medina

Found out later, Nina had a plan
Medina was with her, She follows him on Twitter
Break it Down.

Medina is making me crazy. Got to blow some of this steam
A magic talk show sounded good, downloaded The Eh Team
Jay Boosh was a riot, Scotty Mac was loud, Not a peep from KYT
The 4th host was late but that’s ok I was happy with three.

They were talking standard and cool decks, I started calming down
They said their 4th host has arrived and he was logging on
Wait, That voice. It couldn’t be I should have just watched Xena
I’ve had enough, Time to sell my stuff to Jonathan Medina

You know what I’m saying
That Medina is a monster
Funky Cold Medina

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