KYT talks about how he decided to audible into a different Legacy deck for Grand Prix Atlanta. Medina plays some Legacy, too, but while visiting his old stomping grounds in Vermont. KYT has more than a little to tell about Team ManaDeprived’s Booze Cube experience in Atlanta. JayBoosh offers another giveaway, and challenges the listeners to answer a hard question. Scott introduces the guys to Tag-Team Commander. Jonathan gives another FNM Hero series preview of the first tournament with his new FNM Hero deck. Episode 92 finishes with a pot-pourri of topics, including some of the team’s favourite Magic articles from the past week.

The Off Color Cast
TangentDYN’s Latest MTGO Hero “Battle of Seattle”
Jon Corpora’s 52 FNMs “3,652 Days”
Brad vs Jerry “GR Aggro vs Mono Black” (SCG Premium)
Josh Ravitz’s PTQ-winning RUG Wolf Ramp Deck from Five with Flores

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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