The Eldritch Moon


As some of you may know I have a fondness for Phyrexian Dreadnought. (Editor Note: this is an understatement) It was the first card to wow me. It truly peaked my interest. But until the recent second coming of the eldrazi overlords in BFZ and OGW I had basically forgotten about this beauty. Sure, there was the first time I was ever shown the Judge foil dreadnaught around the time Torpor Orb was printed. I’d met a super cool guy who showed me his Dark Ritual into Orb and Dreadnought complete with a back up Stifle plan. That was cool, but wasn’t for me. It was the type of deck I would regale newer players or old friends with. But it wasn’t serious.

Then came Reality Smasher, Thought Knot Seer, Endless One, and most importantly, Eldrazi Mimic. Mimic is free if you control an Eye of Ugin. Therefore opening hands with an Eye and more than one Mimic are some of the best we can hope for. A follow up play of Thought-Knot Seer is great in Legacy. It is not unbeatable, but it is tought to deal with. Abrupt Decay and Lightning Bolt don’t work, but Swords to Plowshares provides a huge upside for you opponent from the card draw of the Seer’s leaves play trigger. Reality Smasher with an Eldrazi Mimic in play is a swing for 10 out of nowhere. I want to max out these Mimics. So how much can we stretch them?

Here is where the Phyrexian Dreadnought comes in. With an Eldrazi Mimic in play we can take a turn off and try to keep an early trample creature or we can use the Dreadnought as a one mana pump spell on the mimic for the turn. This becomes legacy busted if you draw your seven and see an Eye of Ugin, Eldrazi Mimic, Eldrazi Mimic, Cavern of Souls, Phyrexian Dreadnought, and two random cards. This hand can attack for 24 on turn two with the Phyrexian Dreadnought being uncounterable a la Cavern of Souls.

Now imagine those two random cards are Eldrazi Temple and Reality Smasher. Ancient Tomb and Umezawa’s Jitte. Or maybe it’s City of Traitors and Magus of the Moon. Obviously this all sounds dandy, but we have room for more legacy level oppressive stuff here.

Chalice of the Void. Four of. Main Deck. Chalice for one on turn one can lock out a multitude of decks or provoke Dazes and Force of Wills. We don’t mind Chalice because our only one drop can be cast through a Cavern.

Blood Moon. Five copies, Three Magus of the Moon and two Blood Moon. The reason I like Blood Moon here is this deck feels like a Painter’s Servant combo deck where you can effectively win the game by playing a turn one Blood Moon effect and simply draw into your colourless combo later. I wanted to fully adopt this mentality. To do this I made the following concessions or changes. Three Magus of the Moon and two Blood Moon are where I am currently at because I am trying to maximize kill speed, while still diversifying hate cards. This is showcased by two copies of Umezawa’s Jitte in the main deck for closing speed and another must kill threat.

First, I cut back the four TKS in the main. TKS is a 10/10 card. Just not all the time, so I wasn’t too worried about this change. The rest now live happily in the sideboard.

Second, I don’t play any main deck removal. Three Dismember and three Warping Wail are in the side. i now play the main deck as a Blood Moon lock deck with a creature finish. The new removal suite is disguised as Eldrazi Obligator. It is often so hard to actually kill anything in legacy, so instead I’ll just borrow it for the turn.

Lastly, I love this deck because it is new and unique. It can feel like a Painter’s Servant combo, but it wins in combat. It has creatures bigger than Tarmogoyf, and trample over chump blockers. No Jace is safe from a Reality Smasher.

I am really excited to share this with everyone and I hope it inspires more people to play with the cards they love!

As always, don’t be late for dinner!

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