The Future of Competitive Magic, Approach to Sideboarding


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(0:00) Support the show by gifting the guys a cup of coffee via
(2:30) KYT called his shot and won the Arena Super Cup with White Weenie
(5:05) How KYT arrived at his deck choice
(8:25) The difference between round 1 and the finals, how Alex deals with nerves
(16:15) Chatting about the upcoming RedBull tournament, how the game is now favouring popularity, esports vs. isports
(33:50) How chess is now getting into the streaming space
(39:10) Smaller skill gap is why top Magic players are more replaceable
(49:30) Why there’s nothing wrong with using a sideboard guide
(52:20) GRANDMASTER AUDIO CLASS: Approach to sideboarding // A little bit bigger/slower
(1:04:00) Where KYT wants to see the content world move towards