The Rundown: Week 32


The Rundown is a new weekly feature that shows the results of local tournaments in Montreal and interesting decks around the world that we find for you guys to try out at your next FNM. No elaborate discussion, just list after list after list.

In this week’s Rundown, KYT presents more mill, including a RUG Mill list from Japan.

Japanese RUG Mill

A thread in the MTG Salvation forum linked to my post last week and the people over there were trying to decipher exactly what Kyle Sanchez was playing at Nationals last weekend. I posted an older version that my man Tony Pagliocco had played at a TCG Player TCQ. According to the coverage, it does sound like he cut the Chandras and added Visions of Beyond.

I have discussed this deck with Kenji Tsumura who has become a friend of mine and he told me one of his friends played the following at a large Japanese tournament:

Kenji’s friend did not end up making top 8 but said that he felt his deck was very strong. It also looks a lot like what Kyle’s deck possibly evolved into. I have personally decided to ditch this idea because I can’t imagine it ever beating an aggro deck ever, but Kenji has insisted that I try it and that it completely crushes Caw-Blade and Valakut. Readers, test it for me!

Pyromancer Mill

For the past several days, I have been brewing for Canadian Nationals. My first mate Alex Hayne has shown me that it is worth exploring cards that are underrated. For Providence, our team discovered that Stoneforge Mystic + Batterskull was actually bonkers in Legacy. It may seem obvious now, but people didn’t have that duo during the SCG events leading to the GP. In the current T2 environment, I wanted to see how far I could push Visions of Beyond. Seeing Kyle Sanchez’s deck do so well made me think about an old Flores creation: Pyromancer Mill.

wiks actually took this deck and piloted to a 4-0 finish in a daily, so I guess I was not the only one who thought about it. Again, I’m not sure the game plan against some of the stronger aggro decks is sound.

UR Twin

I went 5-2 at the PTQ last weekend with Grim Twin. I lost to the mirror match in the win-and-in. Andy Peters, who did not know what to play, decided to take the Grim Twin list I posted last week and he also lost his win-and-in. When he started off 0-1, I actually felt bad that he chose the deck because of me, but he told me he loved it. The guy I lost to also had Grim Lavamancers.

Now, a lot of people have told me they feel Grim Lavamancers were the sketchiest cards of the list I played and I think that’s a fair statement, but I don’t agree that they should be cut because I should be “focusing on the combo”. Pyroclasm is played in every UR Twin deck and its purpose it to buy you time to hit your combo. Grim Lavamancer serves the same role for me. Is it inferior? Possibly, but I don’t see how being more combo-centric is an argument for cutting him.

Here’s a list that recently won a GPT in Japan:

Postmortem Lunge, huh? Is this tech or a terrible idea?

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