Apologies ahead of time: BDM and I get distracted in this podcast more than once… By beautiful women passing by. You. Would. Too.

  • Greetings from Canada!
  • We may have prematurely deleted Archangel of Thune :/ (we still got Delver of Secrets right when no one else did!)
  • Stuff to do with Spike Feeder / the world’s most annoying G/W deck (all the G/W decks according to BDM)
  • That time Mike dumped $160 on Kalonian Hydras (to wit: http://fivewithflores.com/2013/07/paying-the-naya-price-the-swot-of-kalonian-hydra/)
  • Mike’s previous #MTGFinance feats include paying $55 for Baneslayer Angel and going 2-7 in a PTQ (2/7 is foreshadowing)
  • Mike knows nothing about From the Vault 20; Brian knows everything about From the Vault 20 / Commander / Hero’s Path / and why that soldier girl has no pants.
  • Mike does know what Akroma’s Vengeance is.
  • “+1/+1 is basically deathtouch”
  • A bunch of stuff about the World Championships (go Reid!)
  • BDM’s iPad is wrapped in an iPad condom aka Ziploc bag
  • Mike’s Invitational decks / Young Pyromancer in Legacy
  • Tom Martell claims to have the rules knowledge of a Level 5 judge (according to Mike) – Hi Mrs. Martell!
  • The return of TAUNTING JON BECKER.
  • Speculation on Jon Becker’s favorite play.
  • Did we mention Mike gets confused often? BRB another beautiful woman is walking by (“Isn’t this why we meet on this corner?” -BDM)
  • Sweet things to do with Quicken.
  • WMC / Unified Constructed strategies and tactics various.
  • BDM allegedly walks into a bar [between a sex toys shop and a burlesque theater] – YOU BE THE JUDGE.


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