Top 8 Magic #341 – The Moral Victory of 16 Thumbs and 7 Toughness

Apologies ahead of time: BDM and I get distracted in this podcast more than once… By beautiful women passing by. You. Would. Too.

  • Greetings from Canada!
  • We may have prematurely deleted [card]Archangel of Thune[/card] :/ (we still got [card]Delver of Secrets[/card] right when no one else did!)
  • Stuff to do with [card]Spike Feeder[/card] / the world’s most annoying G/W deck (all the G/W decks according to BDM)
  • That time Mike dumped $160 on [card]Kalonian Hydra[/card]s (to wit: http://fivewithflores.com/2013/07/paying-the-naya-price-the-swot-of-kalonian-hydra/)
  • Mike’s previous #MTGFinance feats include paying $55 for [card]Baneslayer Angel[/card] and going 2-7 in a PTQ (2/7 is foreshadowing)
  • Mike knows nothing about From the Vault 20; Brian knows everything about From the Vault 20 / Commander / Hero’s Path / and why that soldier girl has no pants.
  • Mike does know what [card]Akroma’s Vengeance[/card] is.
  • “+1/+1 is basically deathtouch”
  • A bunch of stuff about the World Championships (go Reid!)
  • BDM’s iPad is wrapped in an iPad condom aka Ziploc bag
  • Mike’s Invitational decks / [card]Young Pyromancer[/card] in Legacy
  • Tom Martell claims to have the rules knowledge of a Level 5 judge (according to Mike) – Hi Mrs. Martell!
  • The return of TAUNTING JON BECKER.
  • Speculation on Jon Becker’s favorite play.
  • Did we mention Mike gets confused often? BRB another beautiful woman is walking by (“Isn’t this why we meet on this corner?” -BDM)
  • Sweet things to do with [card]Quicken[/card].
  • WMC / Unified Constructed strategies and tactics various.
  • BDM allegedly walks into a bar [between a sex toys shop and a burlesque theater] – YOU BE THE JUDGE.


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Raziel Lizarraga

two podcasts in one week. I can’t remember the last time top8games had such a run. has kyt brought them out of retirement? #plzkpitgoing


Am I missing the iTunes podcast feed or what? Manadeprived podcasts will not update on my iPhone 🙁

Kar Yung Tom

Which app are you using?

Stuart Pullin

My god the intro music is horrific! Still love the podcast though, and it’s great that you’re on Mana Deprived.

Joshua Lemish

Love the cast guys keep it up, you guys rock.


Good stuff!

Andrew Wagner

KYT, are you gonna get an RSS feed for future top 8 magic casts? Pretty please? <3


Do these podcasts weekly, Top8Magic!