Topics include:

  • Raphael Levy’s Mono-Green Deck
  • Americans!
  • Mike and Brian discuss how scary various mono-colored decks are / have been over the course of Magic history.
  • Which is scariest played by a master? Which is scariest played by “random kid”?
  • How could Mike become a better human bin? <– more than one way, fo shoo
  • “Zvi’s” Kalonian Hydra deck: An explanation of who and what
  • The two holes in Mike’s strategic understanding of Magic
  • B/W Decks in Standard — Bogbrew Witch, Angelic Accord, or both?
  • Theros! Anax and Cymede… and the tv shows various of the USA Network

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Your Hosts:
Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games

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