Topics include:

  • Was the Zombie Apocalypse caused by licking strippers’ chests
  • BDM recounts various Purell-using / hydrogen peroxide-gargling / McFilet-devouring New York Stories
  • Mike doesn’t know who Grimgrin is
  • “We’re moving from the world of TWILIGHT to the world of PERCY JACKSON.” -Mike
  • “Why did you see THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, Mike?” -BDM (Mike has no good answer)
  • blah Blah BLAH Grant Morrison comics BLAH Blah blah “… everyone’s going to hate the ending…”

    *** And then an hour and twenty minutes of Theros thus far! ***

  • And then Matt Wang appears and everyone goes to a beer hall (not depicted).

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