Top 8 Magic #355 – Gauntlet


Mike and Brian are joined by former Star City Games editor and Grand Prix Champion Steve Sadin on the corner of Waverly and Gay.

  • WTF this background image? Woo hoo!
  • WTF this podcast title? Various answers and reasons…
  • Stuff Mike used to get away with at the Pro Tour that would never fly now / Brian’s The World Series of Money Draft
  • The Nintendo Power Glove (“GG” from Portugal, a PT win)
  • How Steve took down a Grand Prix

Some recent comments from previous casts:

“<3 the podcast, best part of my Mondays”

“New Top 8 magic Podcast. The sun is brighter, meals taste better, the workday is shorter, and all the lights are green on the drive home. Thank you.”
-Arthur Principe

“Listening to the podcast for the first time in awhile. 15 minutes in and I’ve heard about homeless rasters blazing Khalni Hydras, minotaur menstruation, and hotness by a corner in NYC. Why did I even stop listening to this?”

… What are YOU waiting for?

Your Hosts:
Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Steve Sadin – @SteveSadin

Deckade! [] <– Mike wrote it, Brian published it

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