Top 8 Magic #367 – Glorify My Name

After his trip to Valencia, PT Historian Brian David-Marshall rejoins “noted JayBoosh apologist” Michael J. Flores for a podcast at the Top 8 Magic offices.

Topics include…

Pro Tour Valencia / Canadian mirror matches / Team Face to Face Games / TRGR / basketball (“No basketball!” -BDM) / Mad Men / Breaking Bad / House of Cards / antiheroes / happiness in general

Your Hosts:
The Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Noted JayBoosh Apologist Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores

Deckade – http://amzn.to/deckade
The Official Miser’s Guide – https://sales.starcitygames.com/omg/

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got Mike & BDM back, and it’s probably one of the best top8’s i’ve listened to~!

i barely play competitive magic anymore but i still listen to magic podcasts, it’s strange and i’ve grown to enjoy listening to you guys just conversing about magic’s minutia as i’m at work or sitting behind the art desk

I feel like i know all these magic pros that you talk casually about you have a way to make me feel like i was there at an early pro tour taking in the discussions about deck ideas and card choices from people much smarter – then when you flip the conversation to basketball (which hasn’t been the same for me since the glove left or phil jackson’s departure) or movies or tv or comics then i just feel like i’ve stumbled onto some excellent bonus content that can be often thought-provoking.

all this in a magic the gathering podcast?

keep up the interesting discussion, thanks~!

Eric Y

A JMS/Babylon 5 mention? Good times!

I would have liked to hear BDM and Mike talk about why someone would go RWU twin over Tarmo-twin. I know Mike loved the RWU twin but Tarmo-twin seems pretty solid as well. Maybe you guys could have discussed it from a teaching standpoint a la Mike’s current articles on the mothership and tcgplayer? For instance, if you were going to a PTQ, why might you want one over the other? What is the thought process that someone should go through to come to the optimal deck choice (expected metagame, sideboard flexibility and power, etc.)? How should players make these choices? I’m not sure that the majority of players can explain and rationalize why they chose to play the deck they are playing.

Bruce Lee

A beautiful blend of basketball, card hype, magic history, TV talk, theory crafting, decktalk, player psychology, sport jokes, philosophic debate, and Flores wisdom (if you can call it that).

This was the single best episode of Top 8 magic I’ve ever heard.