Top 8 Magic #384 – PreTQs, ReTQs, and PDX with GCB


With Brian on a West Coast road trip through San Diego Comic Con and Pro Tour Magic 2015 in Portland he connected with an old friend of the Top8Magic podcast in Gabe “Carlton” Carlton-Barnes (aka GCB). Joining them mid-cast was former Level 4 Judge — and current PTQ grinder — Seamus Campbell.

Subjects covered include:
– The ramifications of the recently revised PTQ system and what to call each tier of events.
– How cake debt has caught on in a big way in the Pacific Northwest
– Why GCB will make a playmat but refuses to use one.
– “You’re dead” etiquette.
– Mill ’em and kill ’em decks
– The lack of jackhammers

Your hosts,

Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Gabe Carleton-Barnes – @uncle_gcb
Seamus Campbell – @conform
Absent, but not forgotten, Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores

“Buy Deckade.”

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