Top 8 Magic #395 – Maybe It’s Cold Outside


Gender-bent Baby It’s Cold Outside with Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson []

Batgirl Adventures #1 [] A discussion of Batman: Year One and many historical Batman and Flash stories (shout out to Willie)

Fight, Flight, or Incinerate

Who draws better? Mike or Image co-founder Erik Larsen?
Brian can’t draw, but has apparently inked Marvel Comics with a Crayola marker

Sons of Anarchy finale / some people absolutely loathe Sons
What Jack Kirby was good and not good at
Jax Teller – “anti-villain”
Worst-to-First these TV characters:

Tony Soprano
Clay Morrow
Walter White
Jax Teller
Gemma Teller
Don Draper

Black Mirror – Brian claims you should watch it and that the next podcast will have Mike unable to talk about anything else

All this and Brian’s trip to the World Championship! (i.e. Magic: The Gathering)

Top 8 Magic: “We’re also Google Maps”

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