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Mike whines to Brian that he needs to remember to send in his PT paperwork.

I mean after he went to the trouble of winning a PPTQ, flying to the Utah RPTQ, managing to win it, then landing a spot on Team Ultra PRO*… It would be pretty dumb if Mike missed the Pro Tour because he just forgot to send in his paperwork amiright?

What kinds of Magic / tournaments does Mike find to be fun? What about MTGO?

“Please, please, please don’t punt!”

How do you improve to be a better / PT level player?

Philadelphia Magic now versus when Mike lived there [circa 19 years ago]

Flores Fact: If you’re not used to playing with Jon Finkel, don’t play a bunch against Jon Finkel RIGHT BEFORE your first Pro Tour.

A bunch of stuff about gay porno. Really.


What does and does not constitute an infinite loop?

BDM doesn’t want to talk about GAME OF THRONES. So the boys spend the last half hour or so talking about tv / the MAD MEN finale.

Comics not-recommendation: The Multiversity

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