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Mike and Brian meet at the Top 8 Magic offices to discuss Magic Origins, the “re-launched Top 8 Magic dot com”, tee vee recapping and Magical Christmasland Co-Co scenarios.

Fetchland! (www.fetchland.com) is “the re-launched Top 8 Magic” … It was actually ManaDeprived superproducer Kyle Mathers who pointed out to us many months ago that our site stopped working. So we eventually got off our collective butts and decided to do something a little different. If you don’t check out anything else on Fetchland this week, watch BDM’s gaming-cooking video with Nate from Walk the Planes: http://www.fetchland.com/kitchen-table-gaming-episode-1-leveling-up/

Corrections! In a previous episode of Top 8 Magic we discussed Matt Wang’s early PT career. This apparently was full of inaccuracies; we fix some of them in this episode.

Banshee! Mike and Brian discuss this made-for-Cinemax show that Brian watches at the gym and Mike is recapping on the Internets.

Magic Origins! A new Nissa (that fetches all the lands), a new Jace, a new Liliana, and Starfield of Nyx headline the Top 8 Magic discussion of the new set.

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