Top 8 Magic #417 – Red Dragon


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Mike and Brian come back together from a medium-long hiatus to talk about some Magic and lots of tv, comics, movies, and long-term format speculation.

To wit:
Brian’s current favorite tv shows:
– Mr Robot
– Hannibal Red Dragon
– Show Me a Hero

“Cannibals, Hacktivists, and Beaurocrats” on Fetchland []

Little bit of chatter RE: Diablo Cody (Juno writer)
Diablo Cody’s book about being a stripper [] <– “Candy Girl”

“My comic book got cancelled. I guess I’ll write for DailyMTG!”

aka The Craptacular B-Sides []

Brian’s new game is about to ship! Emergents Genesis []

So… Magic
How did Mike do in Vancouver?
What about keeping one-land hands in Red Deck Wins?
What’s next?

“Standard right now is extremely extreme.”

Is Mad Max Fury Road one of the greatest action movies of all time?

What shows are Mike and Brian looking forward to watching this upcoming tv season?

Comic books are not a genre… They’re a medium
-BDM (actually Scott McCloud)

Plus possibly the nerdiest comics conversation of all time (or at least on this podcast).
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