Top 8 Magic #418 – Landfall and Fall TV

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After a too-long hiatus Mike and Brian return to talk about some Battle for Zendikar (and fall tv)

How did Brian do at the Prerelease?

How bedeviled is Mike at the prospect of having to draft-o again at the upcoming Pro Tour?

What cards do each of our duo think will have impacts in Constructed?

All that and some fall tv chatter. Brian is going to start blogging about THE VOICE on Fetchland… But somehow did not read Mike’s first THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER recap (but you can at http://www.fetchland.com/effigy-ddelw/)

Mike and Brian will return shortly with a full BATTLE FOR ZENDIKAR card-by-card review!

Your hosts,
Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
Michael J. Flores – @fivewithflores

Facebook – http://facebook.com/top8magic
Deckade – http://amzn.to/deckade
Fetchland – http://www.fetchland.com

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