Top 8 Magic #420 – Emergents


Mike and Brian meet at The Uncommons in NYC for Brian’s Emergents: Genesis event!

Emergents: Genesis is a new game designed by Brian, Fetchland columnist Anthony Conta, and Grand Prix Top 8 competitors Matt Wang and Matt Ferrando (and others).

You can learn more about Emergents: Genesis here [] or on

Simultaneously, Mike plays a new deck in a Standard tournament.

This podcast features round-by-round coverage of Mike’s adventures!

Warning: Mike loses one round and is very salty that round 🙁

Here is his deck:

In addition to all that Magic: The Gathering, Mike and Brian of course talk about all the awesome usual Top 8 Magic stuff, including…

TV! Brian is writing INTO THE BADLANDS recaps on []

Sports! Mike is writing Cavs-centric NBA colums every week []

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