Top 8 Magic #432 – Hot Take Inventory


BDM is a jerk!
On the heels of last episode [#431, “Nitro Moon Shots”] (recorded just two days before this one) BDM got the nitro cold brew coffee but didn’t get michaelj any! What a jerk!
Anyway per that episode, Mike and Brian played in a local tournament for a box of Eternal Masters.
Here are the decks they used:

”Mike: Who cares. Stock Grixis

    SPOILERS! Brian won J
    … Along with good friend (and Grand Prix Top 8 competitor [] PNaps); Brian and Phil split in the finals
    Topics include:

    • Brian being a bad friend
    • Mike being a bad person
    • Brian, Mike, and / or Phil being bad at Magic
    • Level of bad-ness at Magic for mental games being effective / ineffective
    • Notable PTQ end bosses
    • “Decks and Scoops”
    • Oh, and more Eldritch Moon discussions…
    [Take Inventory] “Hot” Take Inventory and tons of other cards discussed within!
    Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
    Brian David-Marshall – @top8games
    Phil Napoli – @philnaps

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