Top 8 Magic #440 – Bedlam at Waverly & Gay


I guess one episode (back) was enough for BDM! (To be fair BDM’s new “Top 8 Magic – The Decks to Beat” is two episodes in, and awesome).

Mike is joined on Waverly and Gay — the traditional home of Top 8 Magic — by SCG Invitational standouts Matt Ferrando and Miles Rodriguez. Matt went 7-1 in Standard and Miles went 7-1 in Modern on the way to his first Invitational Top 8 (with Mike’s Naya 75).
Check out the tech on Matt’s fourteen-(should be fifteen-) card sideboard and Miles’s mighty Bedlam Revelers here.

Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores
Matt Ferrando – @don_tcallmyname
Top 8 competitor Miles Rodriguez – @kilomitro

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