Top 8 Magic #443 – Dublin to PA

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In the wake of Standard results from Pro Tour Aether Revolt and GP Pittsburgh, BDM and Mike discuss the three deck metagame (and the sub-metagame of three different Black-Green Constrictor decks). They look forward to what might be on the horizon for the local upcoming GP NJ. Mike has some G/W Unicorn deck that he believes can win in this Standard format.

Inevitably the discussion turns to basketball, the Knicks, the Cavs, and BDM’s desperate hope that somehow Melo can be traded.

Baseball season starts soon. Does Mike care now that his hometown Indians came so close to winning the World Series this past year?

BDM talks TV and Mike tries to get him to admit that he is going to head home to watch Arrow.

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games

Fetchland! www.fetchland.com

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