Top 8 Magic #446 – The Nadir of Nerdiness


Or is it the zenith of nerdiness?

Well, one or the other.

First thing’s first – Cavs are crushing it, Brian is disavowing Melo. The basketball stuff is done by about minute 8 (for those of you who pay attention to those things).

The brewing begins with the R/W Exert deck from last week’s Star City Open Top 4. Brian tries his hand at a more Exert-focused, land-heavier build on MTGO.

Mike also has a wacky idea on how to break… Okay bend New Perspectives:

These are new deck ideas not finished killers, but you can listen to how our stalwart hosts are thinking.

Speaking of thinking… They think about what decks various Watchmen, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy would play. It devolves quickly, and low.

You know you love it.

Also featuring: Brian’s first day as a Marvel writer (from 17 years ago).

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games

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