Top 8 Magic #449 – A Special Kind of Idiot


Welcome to another episode of Top 8 Magic — yes, really! The longest running (while sometimes pausing to catch its breath) Magic(ish) podcast is back for another episode with Brian David-Marshall and Michael J. Flores. This week they opened the metaphorical phone lines to take discussion requests from their audience. Topics include:

  • Mike’s use of coffee cups to describe meeting times (and Brian’s special kind of idiot status)
  • Non-Marvel/non-DC comic recommendations.
  • A request for no Standard and no basketball talk — Sorry man!
  • Which NBA teams correspond with which Modern decks — who is Merfolk and who is the Tron?
  • Definitely the Knicks (and obviously the Cavs)
  • One listener even suggested that we mix it up and talk about Magic — and we did!
  • Finally (with a smattering of other topics in the mix) Brian and Mike tried to put forth their TV superhero TV show pick order. Spoilers: Brian has Daredevil a lot lower than MichaelJ, but they both agree on Iron Fist.

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games

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