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Top 8 Magic presents: Curmudgeons with Cards Getting Coffee. aka Glorious Night of Soil’s Betrayal

BDM was supposed to spend the day working on multiple deadlines but a man has to eat, right? Fellow curmudgeon Jon Becker was in the area and they went to a diner for eggs, burnt potatoes, bottomless coffee and absolutely no cheesecake.At some point they realize they are in a pilot episode for Curmudgeons with Cards Getting Coffee. Topics ranged across many lanes:

  • Why Becker loves Orzhov so much
  • Why you should block with your Sauroform Hybrid (which is…)
  • Why Brian wishes he could splash black in Simic
  • Ruminations on diners
  • Reminiscences about comic book stores
  • Shortcut names for new cards
  • Money draft culture aka “Late night” drafting
  • Becker’s love for Ill-Gotten Inheritance
  • What to call Ethereal Absolution and getting to Glorious Night of Soil’s Betrayal in real time.
  • John Wick, Hotel Artemis, and Atomic Blonde
  • Basketball
  • Other things

If you like Curmudgeons with Cards Getting Coffee you should let BDM know on Twitter at @Top8Games and if you think you would be a suitable guest for a future installment be sure to send him your CV* for consideration.

*Curmudgeonum Vitae

Your hosts:

Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games
Jon Becker – @grousehaus