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KYT and Robert are joined by old friend of the show Shaheen Soorani, to talk Modern for the Pro Tour, Control decks, and Rivals of Ixalan Standard.

  • (00:03:05) Eli Kassis qualified for the Pro Tour Minneapolis with young brothers Jack and Quinn Kiefer at GP Santa Clara! Why is it such a surprise when younger players do well at high level Magic? When will we see a 12-year old player top 8 a Pro Tour?
  • (00:16:00) No bannings for the PT. Reactions? Why should WotC have unbanned Jace the Mind Sculptor for the Pro Tour?
  • (00:30:52) Speaking of Modern, how about that UR Kiki-Moon and the other decks from the latest SCG Modern Open?
  • (00:46:17) Are stores underbuying Rivals of Ixalan? Will it be a casual goldmine?
  • (00:57:47) Can Rivals make an impact on Standard? Why not?
  • (01:05:41) Are people talking about Pauper more because Standard is so unpopular right now?

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Robert Lombardi – @AnarKisTMTG
Shaheen Soorani – @ShaheenMtG

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.