Two Weeks of Modern: Grand Prix Toronto Prep


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KYT and Rob Lombardi, are joined by Derek Pite and Robert Anderson to discuss two weeks of Modern: the Pro Tour in Bilbao Spain last weekend, and the Grand Prix coming up in Toronto this weekend.

  • (00:02:17) Lantern Control wins the Pro Tour. Was the metagame a surprise?
  • (00:06:14) Have the results of the Top 8 affected Derek’s GP Toronto testing for next weekend?
  • (00:09:14) Was the success of the Hollow One deck a surprise?
  • (00:15:19) Rob Anderson’s Pro Tour experience: What were the three decks he had never faced before? What was his draft strategy going into the Pro Tour?
  • (00:33:22) Should something from Lantern Control be banned based on this Pro Tour? What makes Lantern Control different from Eggs?
  • (00:39:34) What are some Modern decks Rob and Derek recommend bringing to Grand Prix Toronto?
  • (00:43:26) Because stream viewership levels were so high, should Modern be part of every Pro Tour?
  • (00:53:03) Is the Sultai Midrange deck something to people should be taking to Standard PPTQs right now? Or is Mono-red from the MTGO PTQ where someone should be this week?
  • (01:03:41) After Dominaria, FNM promo cards will be back! Is this the right idea again?
  • (01:09:21) Can Serum Visions be cut from Modern control decks?
  • (01:20:16) What is Robert Lombardi’s Gabe Tsang PTQ story?

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